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Ogden Museum Of Southern Art

The mission of The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, University of New Orleans, is to broaden the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the visual arts and culture of the American South through its permanent collections, changing exhibitions, educational programs, publications, research center, and its Goldring-Woldenberg Institute for the Advancement of Southern Art and Culture. To that end, the museum will collect, conserve, exhibit, study, and interpret the art of the South within the context of the region's history and culture.

Permanent Collection

The Museum's holdings include Southern artworks from Washington, D.C. and 15 Southern states spanning the 18th-21st centuries, and include paintings, prints, watercolors, photographs, ceramics, sculpture, crafts and design.

Roger H. Ogden's collection, which he started putting together in the 1960s, was one of the first that focused solely on Southern art, helping to identify and define the genre. By the 1990s, the Ogden collection was recognized by art historians and collectors as one of the most significant of its kind. Roger H.Ogden donated the collection to the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, laying the groundwork for the announcement of a permanent showcase for the works.
The Andrews-Humphrey Collection
In 2000, following the exhibition The Art of Family, the Andrews family announced the formation of the Andrews-Humphrey Foundation at the Ogden Museum, beginning a long-term relationship that would see the family of artists donate their art and time to educational and outreach programs in New Orleans. An Andrews-Humphrey Gallery at the Ogden Museum will showcase the major works gifted by members of the Andrews and Humphrey families.

The Michael Brown and Linda Green Collection
Hand selected by Michael Brown, this collection offers striking insight into the art and gallery scene in the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Many of the artists were still emerging in the local art scene at the time and as his fascination with art intensified, Brown made a conscious decision to support local artists and dealers. This collection includes a range of media with a special focus on sculpture.

The Mary Lee Eggart Collection

A collection of paintings by artist Will...+ [ Read all ]


Grand opening of the Patrick F. Taylor Library featuring an exhibition of Alabama Ironworkers

Exhibition dates – 17 March through 19 June, Thursday through Sunday 11am – 4pm

Special Exhibitions: Jan 11th - April 15th, 2007

Kendall Shaw, Southern Quilts from the Jay Wiener Collection, Shawne Major, Christine Tedesco, Benny Andrews, Jesselyn Benson Zurik, Lin Emery, Jesus Morales and Various Works from Self-Taught Artists in the Museum's Permanent Collection

Benny Andrews: A Memorial Exhibition
This exhibition of the work Georgia born artist Benny Andrews is drawn from the permanent collection of the Ogden Museum. It reflects the range of Benny's work including narrative pieces about his Southern upbringing, his experiences in the New York art world and his ongoing concerns for the subjects of family social justice and equality. The initial installation of this exhibition is from Benny's well known narrative collage work. Subsequent other installations will follow that feature drawings early years and moor recent work. Benny passed away due to cancer in the later part of 2005. He was a leading figure in American art and his influence as an artist, arts administrator, advocate and teacher continues to touch the lives of many. Benny was one of the founding artists, member and Board of Trustee of the Ogden Museum. The Andrews Humphrey Family Gallery will maintain a presence of the work of Benny, his father George and his wife Nene in perpetuity.

Exhibitions (8)

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Forthcoming exhibitions

Opening April 26, 2007 @ 6pm

Jazz, Giants and Jorneys: Photographs by Herman Leonard accompanied by the release of the new book. Forward written by Quincy Jones and essay by Chief curator David Houston.

Southern Writers: Photographs by David Spielman
George Dunbar: Southern Masters Series

Opening White Linen Night
August 4, 2007 @ 6pm

Hunt Slonem: Artist and Collector

Portraits of Southern Artists by Jerry Seigel

Gene Siedenberg: Southern Masters Series

Opening Art for Arts' Sake
October 6 2007 @ 6pm

Ed Mcgowin: Nam Change and T.M. Dossett

Art and Paradise: Self taught Art from the Permenant Collections of Ed McGowin and Claudia DeMonte

Richard Sexton: Terra Incognita


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Opening hours

Thursday through Sunday: 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Thursdays 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. with live music
please note these are new hours due to Huricane Katrina and are subject to change.

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News and events

Ogden After Hours - live music every Thursday for the calendar please see,
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Lobby Atrium of The Ogden Museum of Southern Art's Stephen Goldring Hall

Alabama Artists Honored in the Heart of New Orleans

In order:
Symposium with the artists
Joe Minter talks to visitors about his piece Slaveship
Lonnie Holley harvests Katrina-blown debris for his sculptures
Thornton Dial’s Old Time Mule

New Orleans, LA. (20th March)
The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, housing the world’s most comprehensive collection of Southern art, chose five Alabama artists to unveil Phase II of its museum development. Phase II of the museum is partly comprised of the Patrick F. Taylor Library at Lee Circle in the heart of New Orleans and its museum district. The building, when complete, will hold the Ogden’s collection of historical paintings.
Artists Thornton Dial, Lonnie Holley, Joe Minter, Charlie Lucas and Ronald Lockett all have pieces in the exhibition entitled Ogun Meets Vulcan: Ironworkers of Alabama. Last Thursday night, the exhibition welcomed one of the museum’s best crowds since it opened its doors three years ago.
Holley spent the week prior to the opening gathering objects from New Orleans’ levees which were deposited by Katrina. These objects were used in several pieces built especially of for the exhibition. Minter and Holley conducted family workshops throughout the weekend, concluding with a panel discussion Sunday afternoon.
Some pieces in the show are in direct response to hurricane Katrina and visitors to the exhibition felt that the artists truly understand what it is like to live in New ...+ [ Read all ]


A "Museum without walls," the Ogden Museum of Southern Art's innovative education and outreach programs are specially designed to meet the Museum's core mission - to bring art and people together to explore the rich and varied cultural identities of the South. As one of the country's top resources on Southern art and culture, the Ogden Museum has instituted a complete range of educational initiatives both in the Museum and off-site to ensure that its message will be accessible to audiences across the country and around the world.

Available through the Education Department are extensive materials for students and teachers of all ages to gain and share knowledge on the Southern arts and related topics. Also available is information for planning field trips for grades K-12, classroom resources for teachers including lesson plans and units of study, and special programs for teachers listing training, events, starter ideas and studio workshops.