Palazzo Pitti

The Pitti Palace, which was formerly the residence of the grand-dukes of Tuscany and later of the King of Italy, now houses several important collections of paintings and sculpture, works of art, porcelain and a costume gallery, besides providing a magnificently decorated historical setting which extends to the Boboli Gardens, one of the earliest Italian gardens famous also for its fountains and grottoes.

It comprises the following galleries and museums:

Palatine Gallery
Gallery of Modern Art
Costume Gallery
Museo degli Argenti
Porcelain Museum
Boboli Gardens

The merchant Luca Pitti, first the friend and later the rival of Cosimo "the Elder", commissioned Filippo Brunelleschi to carry out the design of the building in around 1440. Cosimo "the Elder" had meanwhile commissioned Michelozzo carry out Palazzo Medici in Via Larga, turning down an earlier project by Brunelleschi, which he thought was too obstentious and likely to arouse the jealousy of his fellow citizens . This thought apparently did not worry Pitti at all, and he decided to employ the most brilliant architect of the times, whom he apparently, or so the legend goes, ordered to make the windows as big as the doors of the Medici residence and create an internal courtyard that was large enough to contain the whole of the palace in Via Larga.

Brunelleschi's structure reflects his idea of a what a Renaissance palace should look like: a cube equal in both height and depth, and covered with the typical Florentine "rustic stone-work" (faceted stones), quarried directly from the Boboli hill itself. The palace was built on th... [ Read all ]

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Permanent Collection

The list of sights to be seen in this palace of the arts is as vast as the palace itself. There is the spectacular Palatine Gallery, containing more than 1000 paintings by Europe's greatest painters, which can easily compete with the Uffizi galleries in the quality of exhibited artworks.

The Palatine Gallery, on the first floor of the piano nobile, is perhaps the most famous of the galleries, a large ensemble of over 500 principally Renaissance paintings, which were once part of the Medicis' and their successors' private art collection. The gallery, which overflows into the royal apartments, contains works by Raphael, Titian, Correggio, Rubens, and Pietro da Cortona. The character of the gallery is still that of a private collection, and the works of art are displayed and hung much as they would have been in the grand rooms for which they were intended rather than following a chronological sequence, or arranged according to school of art.

This gallery has not been altered since the 19th century. It has as many works in each room as possible. It is like they are a magnificent wallpaper on every surface with as many gilt-framed pieces as possible.

Gallery of Modern Art
Rather more liberally spaced are the paintings in the Gallery of Modern Art. It boasts more than 30 rooms and numerous works from the Macchiaioli movement. Other notable Italian schools are also represented.

Costume Gallery
This gallery in the Pitti Palace is a fine exhibit of over 6,000 items of extravagant clothing. All of these are from the last 300 years.

Porcelain and Silver Museum
Ornate pink-walls are a very suitable environment for Porcelain Silver. The Silver museum i...+ [ Read all ]


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Getting there

To Florence Amerigo Vespucci airport, by shuttle bus VOLA IN BUS to the station of Santa Maria Novella.

To the station car park of Santa Maria Novella.

To the station of Santa Maria Novella.

No direct bus service from the station, only from nearby Via della Scala (11,36,37) and Via Rucellai (B).

From the station about 15 minutes.

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