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Real Colegiata De San Isidoro

The Real Colegiata de San isidoro is one of the most notable and emblematic collegiate churches in all of Spain.

It was constructed on top of an old church dedicated to St. John the Baptist and was demolished by Almanzor in 988. Alfonso V rebuilt it and Fernando I reconstructed a new temple in which the relics of San Isidoro and San Vicente were placed, bestowing the church with an extra reverence. The style of the temple was pre-Romanesque, and subsequently it was completely rebuilt in a Romanesque style, with three naves and a sanctuary with three apses. One of the apses disappeared when it was converted into a Gothic style.

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Permanent Collection

The Real Colegiata includes the Royal Cemetary, the Royal Tribunal (from where the denizens of the Royal Palace used to attend religious acts), and Doña Sancha’s chamber, also known as the Treasure Room. In this room there are a number of extraordinary objects exhibited including Doña Urraca’s chalice, an ivory coffer, a Roman ivory pax and an enamel coffer.

To one side of Doña Sancha’s chamber, in a space that once belonged to the palace, the San Isidoro town council commissioned the construction of a room to house the archives of its library collection. In spite of the damages perpetrated by the Napoleonic invasion and later acts of expropriation the archive continues to guard 155 codices, more than 800 scroll documents and thousands of documents on paper. The library, in spite of looting the library also has an ample archive of around 400 publications and 1055 volumes of rare and antique books from the 16th to the 18th centuries.


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