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Retretti Art Centre

The Retretti Art Centre is one of the largest exhibition centres in the Nordic region. Located in the heart of Finnish lakeland area and in close proximity to the magnificent Punkaharju ridge, Retretti is unique in that it has galleries both above and below ground.

Visit the memorable cave galleries and various exhibitions. Open every summer from June to August.

Permanent Collection

Retretti has no permanent collection. Exhibitions usually present art borrowed from private and public collections.


Summer exhibition 2008 presents the works of Ellen Thesleff, one of Finland's most talented and appreciated female artists. Thesleff's career and its different phases are seen in the main exhibition.

The machines and drawings of Leonardo da Vinci are presented in the cave galleries. Also, Continuum - Unique -exhibition presents modern art by young Finnish artists. Children's fairytale house is built by famous ceramic artist Heljä Liukko-Sundström. Himmelblau Print Workshop presents modern print art.

Previous Exhibitions

Albert Edelfelt 1983,
Peter Paul Rubens 1991,
Marc Chagall 1993,
Pablo Picasso 1994,
Ilja Repin 1989 and 1995,
brothers von Wright 2000,
Salvador DalĂ­ 2001,
Ivan Aivazovski 2003,
Anders Zorn ja Rembrandt 2004,
Pekka Halonen, Armi and Ristomatti Ratia 2005,
Jean Dubuffet, Hugo Simberg and Anu Pentik 2006,
Eero Järnefelt and Timo Sarpaneva 2007

Forthcoming exhibitions

Retretti usually presents the grand masters of Finnish and European art.


adults 15 €
senior citizens 13 €
students 10 €
children (5-15 yrs) 5 €

group ticket 12 € (min. 20 persons)

1-19 persons: 90 €
20-50 persons: 75 €

Opening hours

From June to August. Visit www.retretti.fi for current information.

Getting there

It is easy to access Retretti by train, as it has its own stop. Train from Helsinki to Retretti takes about 4 hours and costs some 45-50 euros. (www.vr.fi)

By car, the trip takes some 4-5 hours. The closest airport is in Savonlinna, some 25 kilometres from Retretti.

Retretti offers its customers a free parking area.


All exhibitions can be accessed with a wheelchair. Even the caves can be accessed without climbing stairs.

Restaurant and café in the premises. Retretti Shop carries a wide range of giftware and design and art objects.

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