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Rosenborg Castle

Rosenborg Castle is not only a beautiful historic building, it is also a fascinating museum of cultural history which houses some of Denmark’s greatest cultural treasures, not least the Crown Jewels and the Danish Crown Regalia.

The museum tells the history of the Danish kings through 300 years, from Frederik II in the late 16th century to Frederik VII in the 19th century; the history of the kings since then feature in the Amalienborg Museum.

On Rosenborg’s website you can explore the collections and the history of the Castle. You can view more than 250 of the many exhibits and read about kings, queens, artists, etc.

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Permanent Collection

Rosenborg Castle stands today, with its tall towers and its red masonry with sandstone ornaments, as a distinguished example of Christian IV's many building projects, perfect despite many changes during its construction history. The Castle is built in the special Dutch Renaissance style which became typical of Danish buildings during this period. A couple of architects, Bertel Lange and Hans van Steenwinckel, are associated with the Castle. Christian IV's own effort is often discussed but there is no doubt that he came up with many of the ideas.

The history of the Castle goes back to 1606-1607, when the King in a newly laid out park, “The King's Garden” (“Kongens Have”), had a “summerhouse” built. The capital's old medieval castle, Copenhagen Castle, was hardly the ideal residence for a young and ambitious Renaissance ruler. Christian IV preferred Frederiksborg Castle, 35 km away from the city, but it was, of course, more convenient also to have a residence somewhat closer to the capital.


When no temporary exhibition is availible. 50 kr.
With temporary exhibition 65 kr.
Children (0-17 years) Free admission
Groups (12 persons minimum)
When no temporary exhibition is availible. 40 kr. per person
Groups (12 persons minimum)
With temporary exhibition. 50 kr per person
Students 40 kr.
Seniors (+65 years) 40 kr.
Photo permission 20 kr.
Season ticket
Rosenborg & Amalienborg Palace 200 kr.
Ticket for both Rosenborg Castle and Amalienborg Palace 80 kr.

Visiting groups are obliged to call in advance.
Please call: 3315 3286

For booking via email:
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Groups can pay with a valid voucher.

Opening hours

1. september - 31. oktober Daily 10-16
1. november - 16. december Tuesday-Sunday 11-16
Monday closed

17. december - 26. december Closed
27. december - 30. december Daily 11-16
31. december Closed

Getting there

Trains: Nørreport
Bus: 5-10-14-16-31-42-43-184-185-
Distance from Town Hall Square 3 km. and expect 0 min. by walking.

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Next to Rosenborg Castle is Traktørstedet, the cafÊ/restaurant of the Museum. It is possible to have a delicious lunch with cold and warm Danish specialities, to have a cup of coffee with cake, or maybe just to enjoy a quick refreshment.
It is not necessary to buy tickets to Rosenborg in order to visit Traktørstedet!

Traktørstedet has the same opening hours as the Castle.

Traktørstedet can receive groups, approximately 15-30 persons, outside the opening hours. It also has a catering service.

Traktørstedet can be contacted on:
Phone 33 15 76 20
Fax 33 15 20 46

Packed lunches can be eaten at the covered tables at Traktørstedet.

The Museum Shop

The Museum Shop in the Gate House, opposite the ticket office, sells books, posters, postcards, jewellery, souvenirs, and more. All merchandise is connected with Rosenborg Castle, the history of the kings and the exhibitions of the Museum.

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The Museum at Rosenborg offers guided tours for groups to the regular exhibitions and to some special exhibitions. A guided tour takes approximately 1-1 1/2 hrs.


Guided tours in Danish
Monday – Friday: Kr. 800 + admission
Saturday – Sunday: Kr. 900 + admission

Guided tours in English, German and French
Monday – Friday: Kr. 900 + admission
Saturday – Sunday: Kr. 1000 + admission



The Royal Danish Collection at Rosenborg Castle has four main objectives; to collect, restore, research and present.

The objective of collecting and restoring is to secure objects of important Danish cultural value for the future for the benefit of the public as well as researchers.

It is mainly the conservators of the Museum who are responsible for the restoration work. They conserve the exhibits in the Collection according to a restoration plan and also make exhibits ready in the event of them being loaned to other museums in Denmark or abroad. In special cases the Collection's conservation expertise can be used by other museums.

Research work is primarily done by the inspectors and conservators of Rosenborg. Large parts of the results are published in specialist periodicals, books, etc.

However, an important part of the research, for example the material studies and the methodological development by the conservators and many singular studies in connection with the remaining museum work, is not directly published. It is nevertheless of vital importance for a professional museum operation and the constantly growing cooperation with colleagues nationally and internationally. Due to this cooperation, Rosenborg often receives and provides services to foreign researchers and students.

Research at Rosenborg is also communicated in the exhibitions, not least in the regular special exhibitions, where specific themes are treated.

Presentation work at Rosenborg includes exhibitions as well as printed and digital publications. This work is, of course, mostly directed towards the general public, including the many visiting school classes, but the scho...+ [ Read all ]