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Städtisches Museum Abteiberg

The Städtische Museum Abteiberg

The history of the Städtische Museum goes back up to the year 1904. A small, historical city collection moved into the space of a retired elementary school, and soon thereafter the first art objects were purchased. By a donation of the Mönchengladbach citizen Dr. Walter Kaesbach in the year 1922, the museum came into the possession of a collection of important expressionist paintings and received thus its profile as museum for contemporary art. After repeated moves and numerous new purchases in the 50 and 60ties, the museum with its 250 m2 couldn't show the rapidly growing stock even approximately, so the town councellors decided in 1963 to build a new museum. The construction, however was finished only 14 years later. The director of the museum at that time, Professor Johannes Cladders assigned the planning to the Austrian artist and architect Hans Hollein in 1972. First drafts were developed 1974. The building phase extended from 1977 to 1982. In 1985 its design was distinguished with the international architecture price, the “Pritzker Award

Permanent Collection

Sculptur garden stays open during renovation of the museum (in german) http://www.museumabteiberg.de/htmls/skulpturengarten.html


Temporary city at special locations (2006 - 2007)

A Student competition for the integration of the Museum Abteiberg to downtown Mönchengladbach

Organized by the Europäisches Haus der Stadtkultur and the city of Mönchengladbach

25. April – 20. May 2007
Opening and price attribution Wednesday, 25. April, 18 h in the Museum X

Previous Exhibitions

eine Ausstellung auf Einladung des Museum X
18. march – 22. April 2007
(in the Museum X)

Olivier Foulon
redites et ratures (Projekt für ein Schloss)
28. january– 11. march 2007
(in the Museum X)

Manuel Graf

(in the Museum X)

I. Über die aus der Zukunft fließende Zeit
opening: saturday, 28.10., 18 Uhr

II. Woher kommt die Kunst, oder: die Blüte des Menschen
opening: saturday, 2.12., 18 Uhr
28. octobre 06 - 21. january 2007

Anna Meyer
(in the Museum X)
16. septembre - 19. octobre 2006

Strange I've Seen That Face Before
Kunst, Gestalt, Phantom
kuratiert in Zusammenarbeit mit Toby Webster, Glasgow
7. may - 17. septembre 2006

Heinz Mack
75 Projektionen auf Papier, 1953 bis heute
8. march - 23. April 2006

Anfänge der Computergraphik
aus der Sammlung Etzold
Herbert W. Franke, Manfred Mohr, Frieder Nake, Georg Nees
12. january - 23. April 2006

Monica Bonvicini
30. octobre 2005 - 9. April 2006

Michael Stevenson
Art of the Eighties and Seventies
11. septembre 2005 - 12. february 2006

Neue Ankäufe und Leihgaben
3. july 2005 - 29. january 2006

Birgir Andrésson
Das Jahr in isländischen Farben und einige 90 Minuten in Schwarzweiß
22. April - 31. july 2005

Paulina Olowska
ab dem 10.4.2005

Rheingold III
Immendorff, Doik, Richter, Meese
20. june - 31. octobre 2004

Ayse Erkmen
"bound to"
20. june - 31. octobre 2004

Johannes Brus
Hauptsache Brancusi
25. Abril - 5. septembre 04

Lois Renner
Sammlung Rheingold II
28. march - 31. m...+ [ Read all ]

Exhibitions (1)

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Admission free

Opening hours

Starting from 18 SEPTEMBRE 2006 the museum is closed because of an overall renovation for at least 1 year.

The postal address, all telephone and fax numbers, E-Mail and Internet addresses, as well as the museum association, remain unchanged.

The offices of the museum and the office of the museum association find their temporary location in direct proximity of the museum Abteiberg:
Mansion Schiedges
Krichelstrasse 16

You find our interim program, information desk and Museumsshop in the museum X,
former Schauspielhaus
Hindenburgstrasse 73

Opening times: Tuesday until Sunday 10 - 18 h

Getting there

All locations are visible on this map http://www.museumabteiberg.de/Bilder/Lageplan-Museum.jpg

If you plan to come by car, please consult this regional street map http://www.museumabteiberg.de/Bilder/Anfahrt_1.gif


The Museumscafé is open saturdays and sundays
from 10 - 18 h

Museum internal and external photos (5)

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News and events

Events calendar (in german) http://www.museumabteiberg.de/htmls/vortrag.html


On the "Architek-Tour" in Mönchengladbach
16.04. - 20.6.2007
Aktion for children and young people in Mönchengladbach and in the Theatergalerie.


Practical courses for young people and adults

reservation beginning 8. April
please phone
+49 (0) 2161-252636


Registration open immediately

Course A
Drawing nudes in the museum

Still continuing are the courses about nude drawing for beginners and more accomplished artists on saturday afternoons !

The bases and methods of nude drawing are taught With the help of live models. After an exercise phase with pencil and charcoal a more pictorial and freer representation of the nude can be undertaken.

Saturday: 16,00 o'clock - 18,00 o'clock (5x) Beginning: 28 April 2007
Number of participants: max 12
Costs: 40, - euro
Teacher: Bernd Kitzel