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The Art Gallery Of Peterborough

Samuel de Champlain and his team are said to have been led by Native guides through this area. Following the early 19th-Century settlement, it was known as Hospital Point, for it was here that quarantine was established when typhus broke out among settlers. For generations there was a sawmill here, until the area was gradually turned over to park use.

A house was built in the early 20th century, with many additions until 1977 when The Art Gallery of Peterborough acquired what was by then the Foster house. The surrounding parkland, home to the summer Festival of Lights, was itself modified in 1994 under a municipal-federal infrastructure project.

The Art Gallery of Peterborough received the house and land from the City of Peterborough in 1977 and the Board of Directors and Volunteers raised the funds to build the new wing which opened in June of 1979. The Heritage Department of the Federal Government contributed funds for the environmental systems and the Province of Ontario contributed to making the building wheelchair accessible. The entire building is now 11,000 square feet.

Permanent Collection

The collection of The Art Gallery of Peterborough began in 1974, with a gift of historical European and Canadian paintings from the Peterborough Teachers' College . These works had been brought to Peterborough in 1910 when the regional Teachers Colleges were first established, and had previously been part of the collection established for the Toronto Normal School by Reverend Egerton Ryerson in the 1850's. So, from the beginning, there were both Canadian and international components.
The AGP Volunteers Committee initiated the first purchase made by the AGP in 1977 when they raised funds, matched by the Province of Ontario, to buy a painting by Jack Shadbolt. They raised the money by "selling" one square inch of the painting at a time! With the opening of the new facility in 1979, other purchases and donations followed.

The policy of the AGP Acquisitions Committee has always been to devote purchase funds only to the works of living Canadian artists.

The collection presently numbers 1,004 pieces.

We have accepted gifts of paintings, sculptures, works on paper and photographs, emphasising Canadian artists, but we also accept work by internationally recognized artists if the work has a relationship to the AGP collection. Works from the collection are hung with certain themes in mind, often combining the Canadian and international work to present different relationships.

There is an emphasis on works on paper - drawings and prints (silk-screens - or serigraphs, lithographs, etchings, woodcut and linocut prints, for example). The work of such local printmakers as George Raab (Millbrook), Jean Nind (Peterborough) and Sheila Laidlaw-Radford (Buckhorn) are augmen...+ [ Read all ]


The Art Gallery of Peterborough is a non-profit public gallery dedicated to exhibiting and collecting visual works of art by artists from the immediate area, region and nation. The exhibitions are augmented with programmes of films, lectures, workshops and much more, so come in and see for yourself.

Exhibitions (5)

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Forthcoming exhibitions


Admission is free.

Opening hours

Tuesday through Sunday, 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Getting there

The Art Gallery of Peterborough is situated on the shore of Little Lake beside Del Crary Park, a short walk from the centre of downtown.


The Margaret L. Heideman Reading Room
Relax in the AGP’s new Reading Room while enjoying the view of Little Lake. Browse our unique selection of art books, periodicals and catalogues.

Education programmes
Guided tours, lectures, art workshops, Family Sundays, artists’ talks take place throughout the year. The reference library may be consulted by appointment.

Art Rental and Gift Shop
Select from our array of quality books, toys, pottery, glass, notes and cards, jewellery and other unusual gifts, some of which are unique to the gallery. Re-opening on April 21, fresh merchandise for Spring.

Art Rental & Sales
Now located in the former Margaret L. Heideman Gallery, our Art Rental features works of art from regional artists in various media and styles. The Art Rental program is an affordable way to borrow quality art, which supports the artists and the Art Gallery programs. First three months' rental fees can be applied towards purchase.

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The visit to The Art Gallery of Peterborough by a school group is part of a relationship built with children and their teachers. The Art Gallery of Peterborough becomes a partner in learning, with exhibitions of visual art a strong component in the education of young people. The AGP encourages repeat visits throughout the school year to build awareness of the rich diversity of award-winning artistic expression that is taking place in Canada. A series of visits also helps the AGP's educators build links to the school curriculum across all areas of study. Since 1996, The Art Gallery of Peterborough has begun developing education kits for use in the classroom before and after a visit in order to help strengthen cross-curriculum links. The kits for the Dorothy Caldwell and Ian Wallace exhibitions, visited by 1,100 school children from Grades 4 through 10 in November and December 1996, received the 1997 Zurich Canada Educators Award of the Ontario Association of Art Galleries. A programme for Grades 6-8 and High Schools for the Dennis Tourbin: October Crisis/Mémoires exhibition in November 1997 resulted in a student exhibition at The AGP entitled Do You Remember Where You Will Be? in December 1997.


Memberships in The AGP mean active participation in the life of one of Peterborough' s premier cultural institutions. Members support The AGP's work in caring for its collection, its presentation of exhibitions of local, regional and nationally-recognized artists, and its education and public programmes for children and adults.


The Art Gallery of Peterborough is a registered charity that depends on the support of its members - a recognized measure of success when it comes to raising funds from corporations, agencies and government.