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The Cyrus E. Dallin Art Museum

The historian Bernard DeVoto once asked Dallin, "How long can you stand the sensation of beauty?"
Dallin’s reply: "Only for a second, but in that second you live."

He took cold, inert materials and animated them. Bronze, marble, plaster, clay—these have no life beyond what an artist gives them. Dallin gave them life.

Cyrus Dallin set the highest standard of the most robust American Classicism to date. His historic contribution was to connect the high art of Europe with the themes of America. Patriots, Indians, American War Heroes—each was given the attention and respect of a sensitive, observant man.

After his death, his work was ignored for decades. Many works were lost, abandoned, or thrown away. But enough people enjoyed his work to preserve some portion—a photograph, a sketch, a letter, a model, and, sometimes, an actual sculpture.

History has made the first cut. Now, this is our opportunity to let future generations know what we value. We think Cyrus Dallin was a genius, and we want him to make the big leagues of Art History.

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Permanent Collection

Here’s a partial list of works by Cyrus Dallin which can be seen
in public places around New England:

Menotomy Indian Hunter—Robbins Garden, east of Arlington Town Hall
Robbins Memorial Flagstaff—west of Arlington Town Hall
My Boys—Robbins Library

Appeal to the Great Spirit—Museum of Fine Arts/Boston, on Huntington Avenue
Paul Revere—in the Revere Mall of the North End
Anne Hutchinson—State House grounds

Massasoit—on Coles Hill
Governor William Bradford—Pilgrim Hall Museum

Signing the Mayflower Compact—bronze bas-relief at the base of the famous Pilgrim Memorial Monument

Woburn Memorial—in Woodbrook Cemetery
Spirit of Life—Longyear Foundation
Mary Baker Eddy—Longyear Foundation
Reverend Francis B. Hornbrooke—Channing Church

Getting there

We are currently located at the Jefferson Cutter House, in the heart of historic Arlington Center, at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Mystic & Pleasant Streets.
Our hours are 12 noon to 4 pm, Tuesday through Sunday. Closed Mondays. Admission is free.

Parking is available in the municipal lot, immediately behind the Cutter House. Parking fee $.50 an hour Monday through Saturday until 6:00p.m, free on Sunday. The museum is wheelchair-accessible.

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