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The Heidelberg Project

The Heidelberg Project is a Detroit community-based non-profit organization that empowers people through art. We are dedicated to re-building the identity of the Gratiot McDougal area through the introduction of Artistic Community Development and arts related programming .

The mission of the Heidelberg Project is to inspire people to use and appreciate artistic expression as a means to enrich and improve their lives, and to beautify and preserve the environments in which we all live, work, and play.

Why does the Heidelberg Project exist?

Tyree Guyton created the Heidelberg Project in an effort to bring positive change to his community and the city of Detroit. It began as an outdoor art environment in the heart of Detroit, but has grown to be much more. Today, the project is recognized as the most influential art environment in the country. It is a demonstration of the power of creativity and its ability to transform lives.

Art is an expression, and in the case of Tyree Guyton, it is not simply art, but the intention behind it that is so inspiring. Through his work, Guyton evokes emotions regarding issues and problems that have too long been ignored, discarded, and given up on. Guyton’s art acts as a bridge, transcending boundaries and barriers by uniting those who are often isolated from one another.

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News and events

Community Development - Everything to gain
The Heidelberg Project is working toward realistic development for current and future residents. Our goal is to provide a center for a community rich in diversity with affordable housing and a positive environment. The local economy will be enriched by unique shops and businesses attracted to the area by the extraordinary popularity of the Heidelberg Project’s art installation. We’re working to save and revitalize the existing community by developing the Heidelberg Project Cultural Village.


Art and Education: We work to ensure students continue to receive art as a key component in their educational experience by conducting various art education programs at schools throughout Michigan, as well as running an ongoing art program at Ralph J. Bunche Elementary School.


Art and Education Programs for Children
- Opening doors of opportunity
The Heidelberg Project currently hosts arts programs for children at Bunche Elementary and Children’s Home of Detroit and neighborhood children continue to work with Tyree on the project nearly every day.


Community Development: With the artistic development of several houses on Heidelberg Street, we will introduce the Heidelberg Project’s Cultural Village. Each structure will house state-of-the-art programming and training.

Tourist Destination: Each year the Heidelberg Project attracts over 275,000 annually. Visitors have come from all over the state of Michigan, every state in the region and from over 90 countries.

Jobs for the Community
- Building the local economy from within
The Heidelberg Project has already provided a small number of jobs for the unemployed in the community. With the continuing development of the project, more jobs will be provided.