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The Iraq Museum

The innumerable artefacts and treasures of Mesopotamia, buried between the layers of cities, ruins and hills came to light by foreign scientific missions who intended to discover the remains of the great Iraqi heritage.

The acquisition of these relics inspired the need to establish a museum for the antiquities in 1923 AD and caused the Iraqi government at that time to pass it's first antiquities law in 1924 AD, followed by a new law in 1936. This last law ensured the Iraqi government’s right to take a share of the antiquities uncovered and resulted in the collection of large numbers of the relics.

The first exhibition of Iraqi antiquities took place in Baghdad was on 1923 AD in a room within Al-Qushla building (Al-Sarai Al-Qadeem). Then a new facility was allocated for exhibition on Al-Maamoon street, called the Iraq Museum. When this museum became filled to capacity a new, larger museum was constructed in Western Baghdad according to modern standards.

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Permanent Collection

Because of the archaeological riches of Mesopotamia, its collections are amongst the most important in the world; and it has a fine record of scholarship and display. The British connection with the museum (and with Iraq) means that exhibits have always been displayed bilingually (English and Arabic). It contains important artifacts from the over 5,000 year long history of Mesopotamia in 28 galleries and vaults.

Spanning a time from before 9,000 B.C. well into to the Islamic period, the Iraq Museum's collections includes some of the earliest tools man ever made, painted polychrome ceramics from the 6th millennium B.C., a relief-decorated cult vase from Uruk, famous gold treasures from the Royal Cemetery at Ur, Sumerian votive statues from Tell Asmar, Assyrian reliefs and bull figures from the Assyrian capitals of Nimrud, Nineveh, and Khorsabad, and Islamic pottery and coins--an unrivaled treasure not only for Iraq, but for all mankind.

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