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Theater Figuren Museum Luebeck

In 400-year-old merchants‘ houses and in a romantic corner of the medieval Hanseatic Town of Luebeck you’ll find an attraction you would never have expected:

About a thousand theatre puppets from several continents and centuries prove that puppeteers have always and everywhere succeeded in holding a mirror to their societies. They have used ventriloquist’s puppets, the famous „Kasper“, marionettes, shadow puppets, five-in-one puppets as well as mechanical „smokers“ – to mention but a few. And, of course, they have relied on all the attributes of theatres: posters, props and requisites, musical instruments. All that can be seen in this outstanding museum which is said to be the greatest of its kind on earth.

A fascinating world within historical walls that has already delighted thousands and thousands of visitors:

The history of the TheaterFigurenMuseum Luebeck is closely connected to the biographies of their owners: Fritz and Saraswathi Fey. Without them this extraordinary museum would never have existed.

 Permanent Collection Highlights (15)

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Permanent Collection

Fritz Fey’s collection of theatre puppets and accessories shown in the TheaterFigurenMuseum Luebeck consists of about one thousand exhibits. He bought most of them from his own savings, some have been sponsored by the Possehl Foundation, the Förderkreis Lübecker Marionetten-Theater und Museum für Puppentheater e. V., Mrs. Lisa Dräger, and other patrons.

The exhibition contains theatre puppets from three centuries and three continents: Europe, Africa, and Asia. There are glove puppets, marionettes, stick puppets, finger puppets, shadow figures, and mechanical puppets of all kinds, even entire theatres. Not to forget, of course, the numerous posters, props and requisites, sceneries, and musical instruments necessary for quality theatres.
The theatre puppets shown and annotated below can therefore only give you a slight foretaste of the manifold treasures that actually await you in the museum.

Select the continent you are interested in.

Asia http://en.tfm-luebeck.com/collection/asia.php
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Adults: 4,00 EUR

School children, students: 3,00 EUR

Children (4 - 12 yrs.): 2,00 EUR

Reduced charges for groups of at least 10 persons on request.

Guided tours (on request; at least 10 persons)
Adults (admission charge incl.): 9,00 EUR
Children, students (adm. ch. incl.): 5,00 EUR

Opening hours

Mon - Wed, Fri - Sun
Time: 11 - 18 hrs.

Getting there

This is where you will find the TheaterFigurenMuseum Luebeck, a jewel among German museums: only a few steps away from the famous Holstentor (Holsten Gate) in Luebeck’s historic centre.

There are no parking facilities.
Multi-storey car parks are in the town centre or on the edge of the town island.

City map http://en.tfm-luebeck.com/images/photos/mapdetail.png

Regional map http://maps.google.com/maps?num=100&hl=de&safe=off&client=opera&q=Kleine+Petersg



A great variety of articles are on sale.

A bonanza for the extraordinary gift you are looking for!


Coffee, tea, cakes, snacks amongst old theatre puppets
An ideal place to relax, to dream, to remember
An attractive ambience for your birthday party or any other occasion to live it up. Live music on request
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Museum internal and external photos (4)

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News and events


• Non-stop video shows, e. g. of the documentary „Puppet Shows Here and Abroad“
• Musicians in fancy costumes
• Lectures
• Library: about two thousand books on puppet theatres and theatre puppets (to be restructured for professional use; visits only by prior arrangement)



The Theater Figuren Museum Lübeck produces its own DVDs. For the time being the following DVDs are available in the Museum Shop:
„Puppet Shows Here and Abroad“, 15 minutes, German, 14 EUR
„A Summer Day in Lübeck“, 20 minutes, German/English, 14 EUR

The following DVD's are not for sale, but can be seen here and in the museum:
„Puppet Parade“, 3 minutes
“A Short Tour of the Museum”, about 2 minutes

Further DVDs are going to be produced, e. g. about famous families of puppeteers.


The museum also offers you:
Guided tours through the museum (on request)


A Museum Quiz for youths and their parents

Occasionally: Reading fairy-tales for old and young


Fritz and Saraswati Fey thank their patrons and sponsors:

Possehl Foundation
Förderkreis Lübecker Marionetten-Theater und Museum für Puppentheater e. V.
Mrs. Lisa Draeger
Mr. Harvey Draeger
Mr. and Mrs. Seltmann
Frauen und Kultur e.V., Luebeck
Mr. Bodo Fabian