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Today Art Museum

Beijing Today Art Museum was founded by Mr.Zhang Baoquan in 2002. It has been managed by the current director, Mr. Zhang Zikang since 2004. The museum aims to promote Chinese contemporary art based on an internationalized vision and a contemporary ideology. As the first non-for-profit, non-governmental run art museum in China, it dedicates to explore an appropriate development strategy for museums of its kind within a Chinese context.

"Basing upon now and prospecting the future" is the idea of Today Art Museum. Constructing the best contemporary art museum of the world is our goal. We pay attention to Chinese contemporary art, art genre and key man. At the same time, we pay attention to the finding and supporting of the young artists. We engage in the constructing of the museum framework and the technical practice. And our aim is paying attention to the whole development of Chinese contemporary art. At the same time, Today Art Museum develops all kinds of communications with international cultural and art institutions with exhibits and learning communications.

Today Art Museum quests for the developing mode for non- public operating museum actively. We try to set up reasonable financing machinery and a self-contained working system. Our working attitude is relating to reality concretely, and a countenancing financing mechanism and a standing learning system is shaping step by step.

Today Art Museum persists in high standard learning character and morals. Building high level international learning rank and topping researching team is the base of all the other works.
Today Art Museum thinks much of the exhibit plans, a... [ Read all ]

Permanent Collection

Since 2002, Today Art Museum has collected 5,000 pieces of works. The works can be divided into three parts: the non-profitable collection of Today Art Museum, Today International Culture and Art Ltd cotemporary collection, and the trusteeship collection of other collectors.

Most of the collections are paintings. Besides paintings, the museum also collects great installations?sculptures, video, new music and other integrative forms. Our collections include most Chinese contemporary artists

Previous Exhibitions

Project No.1—Solo Exhibition of Shaomin SHEN
Organizer:Today Art Museum
Venue: Today Art Museum
Curator/ Wu Hung
Address/Building 4, No.32 Baiziwan,Chaoyang District, Beijing
Contact/ 8610-58760600
Media Support: /,

Along with the realization of Chinese Nation′s Great Revitalization, our nation is becoming more and more powerful nowadays. And the heart of us Chinese are also inflating day by day, which can be seen through the expansion of cities, the grandiosity of city constructions and so on. By a particular way, they are telling the world that the once giant of depth and connotation is standing at the east with a new spiritual disposition, mentally substituting its humility and prudence when resolving problems. Is it the deviation of Chinese traditional qualities, or just the adaptation to the new requirement of the world’s development? It is hard to give any conclusion to this phenomenon.
While the city is still under expanding, the monumental constructions, as the symbol of our nation as well as the carrier of Chinese spirit, seems lack the ability to stake the hope to revitalize the Chinese nation. We are eagerly looking forward to the magnifying of everything spatially in sight to reconstruct the system expressing the notion of growing up and the pursuit of upcoming modernization.
While preserved the function of symbol, the notion of rebuilding monumental constructions not only meets the mental requirement of pursuing a powerful country, but also adapts the change of international society. It’s the redesign by powerful national security sy...+ [ Read all ]

Forthcoming exhibitions

Solo exhibition of Ph


10yuan RMB for Adults;5 yuan RMB for students

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Getting there

TAM located in Pingod Garden on Baiziwan Rd, CBD of Chaoyang District , Beijing,which is not far from the new sites of CCTV and BTV. Kinds of transportation are available to make an easy access for visitors.

Add: Today Art Museum, 32 of Baiziwan Rd, Chaoyang district , Beijing
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By subway : Guomao station
By bus: take 23?28?35?300?348?37?57?705?715?730?801?802?810?830?907?957?976? special 3 ,special 8 and get off at Shuangjing station (or Gas Engine Factory) . Then walk about 300m towards north you


As a platform for learning art, TAM bookstore provides comprehensive art books, authoritative art theories books and latest art magazines. This bookstore supplies all kinds of art books on international contemporary art, catalogues of painting, calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, print-making, sculpture, photography, architecture, design, advertisement and d



Unsaturated Modernity
Organizer?Today Art Museum
Venue?Acedamic Reporting Room

Unsaturated Modernity

In the history of modernization of China about a hundred years, it took on a situation of contest between pro-modernity and modernity, informal and formal, including centralization of power and democracy, plan and market, relation and contract, privilege and fair and so on. Because of the halfway modernization, a mount of unprecedented social problems and cultural crises were ignited in China, meanwhile, a special mode with Chinese characteristics is being conceived. As a platform for communication, Urban China has been trying to record all of the important things happened in China under this situation. Today Art Platform is honored to invited Mr. Jiangjun, editor-in-chief of this magazine, come here and give us a lecture about the achievement Urban China got in the past years.

Jiang Jun, designer and critic, has been working on urban research and experimental study, exploring the interrelationship between design phenomenon and urban dynamic. He founded Underline Office in Guangzhou in 2003, and has been the editor-in-chief of Urban China Magazine since the end of 2004, in the mean time working on the book Hi-China. Born in Hubei in 1974, Jiang Jun got his bachelor



We offer work placement and traineeship for students who are enthusiastic about working in an art museum. Trainees have opportunities to work in research department, exhibition department, business development department and education department. While working in TAM, you also have chances to meet famous artists and curators from home and abroad and know the operation process of an art museum. Also, abundant practice will help them learn about the management of the museum and get sufficient knowledge about the collections.

As a trainee, flexible time schedule is needed.
Welcome students from home and abroad to join us.
Foreign students should have effective Chinese Visa.

After your application being considered, you would receive our confirmation letter.
Please drop your resume and application at the museum front desk or send them to:
Education Dept. of Today Art Museum, No.4 Building, No.32 Baiziwan Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100022

Click here to download Application Form
Tel:010 58760600-6005



Create Pottery Artworks in Today Art Museum
Organizer:Create Pottery Artworks in Today Art Museum
Venue:Exhibition Hall of 22 yard street of Today Art Museum
The Pottery culture is our national culture treasure, as the name suggests, it implicates the great and abundant Chinese cultural spirit. From Aug. 12th to Aug. 25th, 2007, having participated in “Exhibition of the Nominees for the Annual Best Works of Contemporary Art by Art School Students” organized by Today Art Museum, college student Yuan Liang from Pottery Department of China Academy of Art will hold a studio about Pottery clay sculptures in the 22nd yard street exhibition hall of Today Art Museum together with his classmates Li Longtao and Song Jie.

On the spot, Yuan Liang and others will demonstrate in person the basic techniques of creating Pottery clay sculptures, meanwhile show how to produce some works very difficult to make, and answer the audience’s questions in view of the creation theories and operating techniques of Pottery clay sculptures; also they will demonstrate the developing clues of Chinese Pottery history and the current situation of the world’s Pottery development via slides.

During the studio period, the audience can create with the students their favorite Pottery clay sculptures at their pleasure, using the specialized machines to manufacture Pottery utensils or randomly making characters, animals, puppets, household utensils, decorations and so on with their own hands and decorating them with colors; the audience is also welcomed to have a challenge on spot to compete with our specialized students.+ [ Read all ]



Artist’s studio
Organizer:Today Art Museum
Venue:Today Art Museum(3rd foor)


Today Art Museum launches a special membership card from 2007. There is a series of services for our members. We aim to spread and enhance the communication between the public and us, in order to receive understanding and supporting from the public, and make art a part of life.

Being a member, you will receive following services?

VIP Card: ?2,000/one year

One year free entry to all exhibitions
One year FREE invitations of exhibition opening ceremonials and selected opening cocktail parties.
FREE selected exhibition publications
One year free museum journals
One year free access to art lectures and workshops
15% off when consume in our bookstore, cinema and restaurant.
You have the priority of taking part in other museum events.
Friend Card: ?280/one year

One year free entry to all exhibitions
One year FREE invitations of exhibition opening ceremonials.
One year free Today ART museum journal
One year free access to art lectures (booking required)
10% off when consume in our bookstore, cinema and restaurant.
You have the priority of taking part in other museum events.


Visiting Card: ?80/one year

One year free entry to general exhibitions
To attend all the art lectures in this year free (booking required).

How to transact the cards

You can transact it in our bookstore at any moment. The bookstore locates at the first floor of our museum. The period of validity of the card is one year.

After filling in the application, you can transact the procedure in our bookstore from 10:00 to 17:00. If you use mailing, please give clear indication of your selected card and payment de...+ [ Read all ]


Support TAM and support art utility.

Be a chief promoter of contemporary art. The development and prosperity of contemporary art calls for you, enthusiasts in public welfare, to join us in our commitment to the collection and protection of these works of art which undertakes the historical mission of recording the times we are living in. Our scholarly investigation and collection of these works will not only be an indispensable part of this commitment but also help Chinese art research to carry on the tradition yet with its own innovation.

Share with us the grandeur and spirituality of contemporary art. Aid TAM, be a partaker of contemporary art, and you will have a chance to communicate with the scholars, curators and artists that interest you, and come into close contact with a unique and most lively community of individuals.

Find yourself more professional academic guidance and support for your investment and collection. As one member of the most honored group, your aid and support for TAM will bring you firsthand information about the art market and set you up on a most ideal platform of guidance for your investment and collection.

Get yourself involved in art, and boost your prestige as a person and as a company. With your aid for TAM, art, with its irresistible charm and priceless glamour, will play a due role as a motivator of human improvement by bringing you applause, admiration and attention by public media and further enhancing your reputation, influence and public recognition.

Receive your due reward as you lend us your generous hand. With TAM as a gallery for public welfare, your donation of financial aids will bring you, in return, the privile...+ [ Read all ]

Venue hire

Apart from hosting exhibitions and activities curated by the museum itself, Today Art Museum also welcome exhibitions from outside. Process of outside applications as follows:

1. A formal application form is required (for the application form, please click here). Please fill in the form and send it to Exhibition Centre together with following materials.

(1) The exhibition title, the subject and the theme of the exhibition.
(2) Photograph or video materials as well as the text of participating artworks.
(3) Resume of the artist(s).
(4) The schedule of exhibition and requirements of exhibition space.
(5) publicity requirement.
The learning committee department of Today Art Museum will file the application for further consideration.

2. After submitting the application, museum academic committee will analyze and select the suitable proposal.

3. Signing the contract with Today Art Museum.

Agreement containing:
(1) Title of the exhibition.
(2) Location and time of the exhibition.
(3) Producer and the curator of the exhibition.
(4) List of participating woks.
(5) Value, price insurance and transportation plan of the works.
(6) Fee for the exhibition as well as way of the payment.
(7) Responsibilities of both parties (promoting, security, equipments, installing and de-installing the exhibitions)

4. The Exhibition Department of Today Art Museum will appoint a project manager who is in charge of all the following works:

(1) Making schedule of the exhibitions.
(2) Communicating with the producer of the exhibitions
(3) Confirming the installing plan and supervising the installation process.
(4) To follow up the process of exh...+ [ Read all ]