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URDLA: Centre International Estampes Et Livres

International Centre of Printmaking and Books

For 27 years URDLA, consistent with its past, seems to make a decisive change in its life each year. Born because of the refusal by some artists from a divergence from the technical and artisan heritage, the centre doesn’t cease to reinvent modernity while preserving tradition.

The centre’s development pursues without ignoring the crises that creation confronts. It’s this ambition that makes it a premier place of analysis and practical reflection on nascent art and on its current spread within the life of the city. We hope to ignore the trivial cultural matters, denounce and turn away threats to the freedom of invention, and offer contemporary works in their native state to the curious public. The painters and engravers make up five centuries of the most intimate and pressing research through ink and paper. They know the prints, these light and cheap images, are their most truthful intercessors next to enthusiasts of contemporary art. In Villeurbanne, URDLA has the privilege to serve this purpose with an international effect.

From 1978 to 1986, in Lyon, URDLA, saving and restoring historical press, proved in working to defend heritage is also an active overture. In 1983, the Ministry of Culture put the most imposing press ever constructed upon URDLA. In 1986, URDLA was installed in Villeurbanne in a factory they completely renovated. In 1990, in association with the famous Swiss studio of Saint-Prex, URDLA worked its workshop empowering a high performance press invented and built up for the occasion.
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Previous Exhibitions

PHILIPPE DELEGLISE: Echos du Chaos 1998 – 2007
With the work of
John M. Armleder
Silvia Bächli
Stéphane Brunner
Balthasar Burkhard
Miriam Cahn
Mireille Gros
Fabrice Gygi
Nic Hess
Hanspeter Hofmann
Dominique Lämmli
Jean-Luc Manz
Olivier Mosset
Josef Felix Müller
Guido Nussbaum
Adrian Schiess
Albrecht Schnider
Kerim Seiler
Anselm Stalder
Hugo Suter
Christian Vetter

GERARD JOBLOT: Goutte a Goutte (Drop by drop)
AU BON MARCHE: Vente Réclame

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