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Wenzel Hablik Museum

A Wenzel Hablik Museum was established as recently as 1995 in Itzehoe. It presents the work of the painter, architect, interior designer and craftsman Wenzel Hablik (1881-1934). The artist, who was born in Bohemia, is regarded as one of the most important representatives of the German architectural expressionism. In more than twenty years of work Hablik developed an extensive concept for a visionary and utopian architecture, which he recorded in paintings and drawings.

Thanks to a broad education and versatile approach, he also worked in fine and graphic arts and in all fields of applied art. He designed furniture, wallpaper patterns, cutlery, jewellery as well as complete interior furnishings for several private and company buildings. Hablik also became known as a designer of textiles. Special exhibitions on the artist and associated fields, especially architecture and design take place regularly.

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Permanent Collection

The museum represents a cross section of the complete work of Wenzel Hablik. It shows the development of art nouveau to expressionism, the roaring 20's, in which his work influences the cubism, and afforts a deep view of the individual work periods.

The museum possesses the most extensive collection of works of Wenzel Hablik: Over 200 paintings, furniture, artifacts, crystals and an extensive graphic collection with 8000 prints are stored in the museum. The collection is being enlarged by the estate of the weaving mill Hablik Lindemann with an important textile collection as well as an archive of the artist association the "crystal chain", whose most active member was Hablik.

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Special exhibitions on the artist and associated fields, especially art and architecture of the 20th century as well as contemporary art:

16.03.2008 - Sun 20.04.2008
Exhibition: Neue Architekturprojekte in Schleswig-Holstein. BDA-Preis 2007 & Architekturfotografie


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Previous Exhibitions

You can order inventory catalogues and monographs on Wenzel Hablik as well as numerous exhibition catalogues on art, architecture and design of the 20th century via the above given address of the museum (a list of the museum publications is available)


Adults 3,50 €, reduced 2,- €

Free admission for school classes and children under 14 years

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Tue-Fri 2-5 pm
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Sun + holidays 11 am–6 pm

Getting there

By car: motorway A 23, exit Itzehoe-Süd, in the direction of the town centre or on several federal roads

Situated in the centre of Itzehoe, five minutes from the station, next to the town hall

Parking facilities directly at the museum or behind the town hall



On sale in the museum: publications, post cards, posters, reprints of etchings by Wenzel Hablik

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Regular educational events for children (please call the museum for the dates)


The governing body of the museum is the ‘Wenzel-Hablik-Stiftung’ (Wenzel Hablik Foundation) founded in 1985.

Membership fee for the ‚Verein zur Förderung der Wenzel-Hablik-Stiftung e.V.’ (association for the support of the Wenzel Hablik Foundation) € 26,-.


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