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World Jewellery Museum

Founded in 2004 by a wife of a diplomat whose collection embodies 30 years of globe-trotting, it is the first museum in Asia devoted entirely to jewellery. The museum is situated in the heart of the North Village, where history and culture pulse with the daily rhythms of contemporary life. You can also browse around the museum shop where a diverse collection of antique and contemporary jewellery from various countries awaits you. The World Jewellery Museum has an active program of temporary exhibitions throughout the year with themes ranging from ancient ornaments to contemporary jewellery. The mission of World Jewellery Museum is to preserve, collect, and exhibit works of jewellery and in doing so to foster the understanding of history, society, art and spirit of various nations and people. The museum realizes this mission through exceptional exhibitions, educational programs, research initiatives, publications and strives to engage and educate an increasingly diverse international audience.

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Permanent Collection

The permanent collection includes over 10,000 items of jewellery, costumes, handbags, masks, and sculptures from Africa, Asia, Europe and Central and South America. The nine permanent exhibition galleries such as "The Garden of Jewels," "The Altar," "El Dorado," "The Forest of Modern Jewellery" use innovative exhibition design techniques contributing to the museum's reputation as being the "Jewel of Seoul." The collection includes rare artifacts from around the world, such as the Pre-Columbian golden raft and Sao bronze jewellery.


2010.10.06~12.30 "Lovers from Prague"_Czech Jewellery

Previous Exhibitions

2009 11.18~2010 06.30 "New Acquisitions"
2008.12.04~2009.05.30: "Handbag, My Love"
2008. 07.17 ~11.31 "From China"
2007 11.20~2008 02.30 "The Art of Plastic"
2007 07.17~09.31 "Beads Make the World Go Round"
2006 11.07~12.31 "Ring DNA"
2005 10.04~12.04 "Africa and Jewellery"

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adults : 7000won
students: 5000won

Opening hours

Wednesday~Sunday: 11~5pm
Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

Getting there

Subway: Line 3, Anguk Station (Exit 1)
Bus: 162,171,172,272,109, 1012,7025

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