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Zagreb Municipal Museum

The Zagreb City Museum was founded by the Braća Hrvatskog zmaja in 1907. In the ninetieth year of its existence, 1997, the Museum opened what was only its sixth permanent exhibition, for the first time in restored and appropriate premises, making use of the state of the art in contemporary museum technology. The exhibition shows tha past of the City of Zagreb, from prehistory, traces of which were recently uncovered under the very building of the museum itself, to the present day.

The permanent exhibition is built around the objects that the Museum possesses. A modern approach to the creation and visualisation of the life of the city has led us to link the objects with the social context in which they once had their being. Wherever it has been possible, we have endeavoured to support the historicity of the theme by some authentic document. A sense of connectedness has been achieved by the interweaving of theme and object, and has determined the basic conception behind the presentation of the permanent exhibition. A combined chronological and thematic approach and the application of contemporary museological and technological principles have enhanced the interest and accessibility of the Museum for the visitor of today.

The permanent exhibition gives a portrait of the city in all of its aspects, showing it in the light of politics, the church, history, economics and business, town-planning and architecture, the history of art and literature, entertainment, and everyday life. The diversity of themes and objects, which range from rarities to common-or-garden objects of use, from the artistic to the popular, lend the Museum a particular charm. T... [ Read all ]

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Permanent Collection

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1. What was hidden under the Museum
2. Before Zagreb
3. Finds at the Site of Discovery
4. First Recorded Use of the Name of Zagreb
5. The Royal Free Town on Gradec
6. Conflict, Punishment, Prejudice
7. Medvedgrad
8. The Ottoman Threat
9. The emblems of the city
10. Laška Ves and Nova Ves
11. Kaptol
12. The Building of the Cathedral
13. The main portal of the Cathedral
14. The Interior of the Cathedral
15. The Restoration of the Cathedral by Bollé
16. The Parish and the Parish Church of St. Mark at Gradec
17. The Baroque Altars of St. Mark’s
18. The Guilds of Gradec and Kaptol
19. Master Craftsmen of Gradec and Kaptol
20. The New System of Municipal Government
21. Religious Orders Encourage Piety and Education
22. The Poor Clares of Zagreb
23. Veneration for the Blessed Virgin Mary
24. Magnates at Gradec
25. Parks and Walks
26. Life in the Lower Town
27. The Time of the Croatian National Revival
28. Ban Josip Jela

Previous Exhibitions

The Zagreb City Museum organises occasional thematic exhibitions. In the last fifteen or so years, the Museum has put on a series of its own and touring exhibitions:

The Old Zagreb Crafts, in collaboration with the Croatian History Museum, January 16 1991

Zagreb’s Grič Once Again the Casualty of an Insane War, October 13 1991

Kriegzerstörungen in der Zagreber Altstadt Grič, in collaboration with the Vienna History Museum, guest appearance in the Otto Wagner Pavilion, Vienna, December 12-29 1991

War Sketches – Exhibition of the Caricatures of Ivan Šarić, December 20 1991 – January 15 1992

Josip Crnobori – Pictures 1936 – 1945, Braća hrvatskog zmaja, June 11 – 30 1992

Vladimir Horvat – Zagreb Chronicler of the Time, April 28 – May 31 1992

Contours of a Time, in collaboration with the Prigorje Museum, guest appearance in the Prigorje Museum, Sesvete, June 1992

The 50th Anniversary of the Domobran Ensign School, King Tomislav Barracks, September 10 1992

The Story of Zagreb, Vladimir Nazor Library, 1992

Zagreb in 1900, in collaboration with the Union Programs Office, guest appearance in the Union Exhibition Gallery, El Paso, Texas, December 1 1992 – January 8 1993

The Golden Bull, in collaboration with the National Archives in Zagreb, November 16 1992 – February 15 1993

Matica hrvatska 1842 – 1992, in collaboration with Matica hrvatska, Illyrian Hall, December 19 1992 – January 10 1993

Zagreb Goldsmiths – the Goldsmith Workshop of Božidar Jakšić, January 29 1993

Seventy Years of the Cleanliness Company, Zagreb, in co...+ [ Read all ]


Children up to 7: free of charge
Students, schoolchildren, soldiers, pensioners and disabled persons: KN 10
Groups (10 or more person): KN 10
Adults: KN 20
Families: KN 30

Opening hours

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Thursday: 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Closed on Mondays and holidays

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Museum Departments:

- Library
- Educational Workshop and
- Photographic Archives
- Wood Preservation and Restoration Workshop

Special Services:
Multimedia Hall for occasional museum exhibitions, performances, promotional gatherings and seminars
Restaurant “Stara vura

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Educational Workshop and Playroom

Vesna Leiner, Museum Pedagogue

Located on the first floor, with a gaily-decorated workspace, the playroom can when necessary make use of a smaller room from which there is one of the finest views of the medieval defensive tower called Popov toranj. Educational work goes hand in hand with all the museum’s activities. The workshop brings together children of school and pre-school ages, and persons with special needs, at least once a week, according to a set programmes or every day according to agreement. In play, the children acquire fundamental knowledge about the city, make models of the most important buildings, build an imaginary Children’s Museum, or perhaps draw in the Museum’s display. Every year at Easter and Christmas, cards are made, as well as seasonal decorations, gifts and so on.