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Museum Der Moderne Salzburg

One museum - two buildings

The Museum der Moderne Salzburg, the MdM Salzburg, (museum of modern art Salzburg) consists of two buildings at two spectacular locations:

The MdM Rupertinum in the old part of town: a baroque house for new artistic concepts.

The MdM Mönchsberg (museum of modern art) on the Mönchsberg: within a contemporary framework.

The MdM Mönchsberg lies on an exposed ridge over the old city and presents itself as new and actual architecture fit for exhibitions of larger size and presentations of international collections. The own extensive collection as well as large exhibitions of international contemporary art can be presented within an appropriate framework.

The MdM Rupertinum, established by the archbishops as a baroque city palace, is situated in direct neighborhood of the Festspielhaus and the cathedral district, and was adapted for the presentation of modern art.

Both buildings of the MdM Salzburg have approximately 3,000 m2 exhibition surface for thematic and monographic exhibitions of the art of the 20th and 21st centuries, while being also suitable for presentations of prints and photography.

History of the museum

The idea for the establishment of a museum for modern art and the collection dates back to the initiative of the the Salzburg art dealer Friedrich Welz, who donated a large part of its private collection to the county Salzburg. Through his personal friendship with Oskar Kokoschka a considerable bundle of works of the famous Austrian expressionist came to the collection Rupertinum.

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Permanent Collection

The Emphasis of the collecting activity is since the establishment of the Rupertinum (“modern art gallery and graphic collection Rupertinum


MdM Mönchsberg

19.7. - 12.10.2008
Sound of Art. Music and Visual Arts

MdM Rupertinum

7.6. - 26.10.2008
Art at the Dawn of a New Era. Painting, Grafics, Sculpture and Photography around 1900

21.6. - 21.9.2008
REBECCA HORN. Love and Hate

Previous Exhibitions

MdM Mönchsberg

17.02.-24.06.2007 stephan balkenhol
03.03.-24.06.07 anselm kiefer.dauerleihgaben aus privatsammlungen
17.03.-24.06.07 joel meyerowitz. out of the ordinary (1970-80) & aftermath(2001-02)
21.10.06-04.03.07 SURreal. aspekte des figuralen aus der sammlung
26.11.05-06.12.06 lawrence weiner. inside of & outside of itself
21.10.06-04.03.07 der blick in die sonne. jakob mattner und sonnenforscher des einsteinturms
28.10.06-04.02.07 markus raetz. nothing is lighter than light
26.10.-03.12.2006 peter baum. jazz zeit
29.07.-08.10.2006 christoph schlingensief: chickenballs. der hodenpark
26.07.-08.10.2006 william kentridge. black box/chambre noire
22.07.-08.10.2006 kunst auf der bühne. les grands spectacles II.
08.04.-09.07.2006 erwin wurm. adorno was wrong with his ideas about art
21.01.-09.07.2006 kosmos & konstruktion. werke aus der R. & H. Batliner Art Foundation
21.01.-26.03.2006 VERLÄNGERT BIS 02.07.06 zero. künstler einer europäischen bewegung. sammlung lenz schönberg 1956-2006
21.01.-02.04.2006 shirin neshat
29.10.05-12.01.06 zdenek sykora
28.10.05-08.01.06 phil stern
15.10.05-15.01.06 SIMULTAN. zwei sammlungen österreichischer fotografie
08.10.05-11.01.06 manfred erjautz. parallel
18.06.05–15.01.06 spiele des lichts. werke aus der r. & h. batliner art foundation
18.06. - 03.10.2005 les grands spectacles. 120 jahre kunst und massenkultur
19.03. - 05.06.2005 natur-raum-kunst.aus den sammlungen des museums und ernst ploil
12.03. - 29.05.2005 Pablo Picasso. Frauen
12.03. - 29.05.2005 George Condo. One Hundred Women. Retrospektive
16.10.04 - 06.03.05 Fotoausstellung - "Ein fotografischer Essay zur Baugeschicht...+ [ Read all ]

Forthcoming exhibitions


25.10.2008 - 1.2.2009
Paul Klee. Melody and Rhythm

8.11.2008 - 8.2.2009
Karl Geiser

8.11.2008 - 8.2.2009
Balthasar Burkhard & Naoya Hatakeyama


4.10.2008 - 11.1.2009
Nobuyoshi Araki

8.11.2008 - 14.2.2009
System Human. Works from the Collection of the MdM Salzburg


Museum der Moderne Mönchsberg
current tariff:
Adults € 8,-
Seniors € 6,-
Children 6 years of age and older, pupils/apprentices, students € 6,-
Groups of more than 10 persons € 7,-

Museum der Moderne Rupertinum
current tariff:
Adults € 6,-
Seniors € 4,-
Children 6 years of age and older, pupils, students € 4,-
Groups of more than 10 persons € 5,-

Combination ticket
Adults € 12,-
Seniors € 8,-
Children 6 years of age and older, pupils/apprentices, students € 8,-
Groups of more than 10 persons € 9,-

Annual pass
valid for Mönchsberg & Rupertinum
Adults € 50,-
Young people, students up to 26 years of age € 30,-

Public tours on Sun. € 2,-/person
Free tour on Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.

Group tours for up to 30 persons
upon registration
German tour € 70,-/group
English or italian tour € 90,-/group

Information and registration:
t +43.662.84 22 20-351
t +43.662.84 22 20-352

Opening hours

TUE - SUN: 10:00 - 18:00
WED: 10:00 - 20:00
Mon closed, except during the Salzburg Festivals (26.7. - 31.8.2008)

Getting there

MdM Mönchsberg
Mönchsberg 32
5020 Salzburg
t +43.662.84.22.20-401

By car
Park your car in the Altstadtgarage "A" exit Mönchsberglift, Haus der Natur and take the Mönchsberg elevator at the entry of the Anton-Neumayr-Place.

By public transportation
From the station you reach the Mönchsberg museum by Bus line 1. until the stop "Mönchsbergaufzug". To your right you see the entry to the Mönchsberg elevator, which brings you to the museum. Ticket for the museum can already be purchased at the elevator cashier and entitle you for a reduced elevator ticket.

On foot
Take the stairs near the Toscaninihof (close to the Festspielhaus) to reach the Mönchsberg and the museum in approx. 15 minutes.

MdM Rupertinum
Wiener-Philharmoniker-Gasse 9
5020 Salzburg
t +43.662.84.22.20-451

By car
Park your car in the Altstadtgarage "B". Walk to the exit "Toskaninihof", cross the courtyard and you are in front of the Rupertinum.
Parking cost 1 hour € 2,40
Ticket for the day € 14,39

By public transportation
The Bus lines No 15 and 4 stop at Herbert-von-Karajan place.
Walk for 2 minutes on the Hofstallgasse along the Festspielhaus.
The Bus line No 3, 4, 5 and 6 stop at the city hall.
Walk across the Alten Markt, at the Cafe Tomaselli to your right and then left the Sigmund-Haffner-Gasse o the Rupertinum. A walk of approx. 5 minutes.
The Bus lines No 27, 7 and 8 stop at Hanuschplatz.
Walk through the Getreidegasse, then through the arches on the Universitätsplatz and then take the Wiener-Philharmoniker-Gasse to the Rupertinum. A walk of approx. 5 minutes.


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Research of Origin

The MdM Salzburg has been striving for years to document the origin of its works of art in every detail. Special attention is given to such works of art, whose origin is to be estimated before 1946. It concerns primarily works, which came into the possession of the county Salzburg before the establishment of museum in 1982. Moreover are concerned all works of art, which became part of the collection through auctions and donations.


Association of Friends and Sponsors
Sigmund-Haffnergasse 18
5020 Salzburg
Dr. Vivian Seidl
ph +43-662-84 15 92
fax +43-662-84 16 34

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