12th January - 9th May 2010
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Will Ryman was a playwright before he became a sculptor, and his work draws as much from the realm of theatre as it does from art. Spanning over 8 metres, The Bed is both a monumental sculpture and a stage. Made from papier mâché, Ryman's giant man reclines in a dreamy world, somewhere between Sunday morning lie-in bliss and nervous breakdown, basking in the clutter of notebooks, beer cans and open bags of crisps. This is the first time that Ryman's work will be exhibited in the UK.

The Bed's depiction of slacker idleness is humorously at odds with its oversized, commanding spectacle, and its clunky forms become both props and performers in an anti-drama of epic proportions. The bed itself operates literally as a platform or stage, the centre of expectant action and entertainment. "The Bed began as a personal play with scale in 2006 when I became fascinated with a possibility of the world as seen from a different point of view. Everybody sees things in a distorted way of course but I remember as a child, for instance, coming into my parents' bedroom and having the impression of their bed being much bigger than it actually was. Here The Bed is a metaphor for a similar ongoing feeling, which I believe everyone carries throughout their life, trying to figure how you feel and who you are and what your place is in relation to things that surround you."


Will Ryman was born in New York in 1969. His father is the highly regarded painter Robert Ryman. Will Ryman first pursued a career in writing fiction and drama before deciding to devote himself to sculpture. His work has been exhibited at PS 1 in New York (2005), the 21c Museum, Louisville (2008), and he has had solo shows at Howard House, Seattle (2006) and Marlborough Gallery, New York (2007). He lives in New York.