ARTiculation Prize 2019

Support Session

In the run up to ARTiculation 2019, the Saatchi Gallery in partnership with The Roche Court Educational Trust hosted one of our annual support sessions. Students were invited to take part in group activities aimed at preparing them for the ARTiculation Regional Heats and beyond.

The session included a range of warm-up activities in the gallery's education room, followed by a tour of Black Mirror: Art as Social Satire and student-led presentations of the work on display in the gallery itself. During this session, students learnt about the 6 P's of verbal presentation and how to use these during ARTiculation, as well as for university interviews, discussing work and analysing the work of others.

For presentations students were asked to work in groups in order to develop their team working and participatory skills. All members of each group had to work together to prepare the presentations and each member had to verbally contribute. Students were then prompted to give each other feedback on content and delivery. By looking, thinking and speaking about art, the session also developed the students' confidence and skills, fulfilling the core aim of ARTiculation.

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Introduction and warm-ups in the Saatchi Gallery education room

In-gallery student presentations on work from Black Mirror

ARTiculation Prize 2018

ARTiculation is a national initiative that provides a platform for young people to talk about the arts.

The ARTiculation Prize invites students aged between 16 to 19 to deliver a ten-minute presentation about a work of art, or an artefact to an audience at museums and galleries. ARTiculation events are adjudicated by leading arts and media figures.

The ARTiculation Prize and the ARTiculation outreach programme aims to increase confidence, raise aspirations, develop key life skills, including public speaking, and engage young people with the arts.

The Saatchi Gallery was pleased to welcome ARTiculation back on January 17th for its London Regional Heat. The event saw 10 participants present their thoughts on a variety of self-selected pieces of art, design and architecture. The competition was adjudicated by Psychoanalyst and author, Darian Leader, who had the very difficult task of selecting two speakers to progress to the Grand Final, which will be held at the University of Cambridge, Clare College on 9 March 2018.

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ARTiculation Speakers with adjudicator Darian Leader


For 6th Formers



The Great Art Quest