Selfie to Self-Expression

Clockwise from top left: Rembrandt van Rijn Self-Portrait with Two Circles, Juno Calypso The Honeymoon Suite, Actor Benedict Cumberbatch jumps behind U2 at the 86th Academy Awards in Hollywood, California, Cindy Sherman Untitled Film Still #21.).

Selfie to Self-Expression

Saatchi Gallery and Huawei have joined forces to offer artists, photographers, and enthusiasts around the globe a chance to show their most creative selfies internationally, and have their work exhibited at The Saatchi Gallery as part of the #SaatchiSelfie competition.

This international competition offered a chance to be part of a worldwide cultural phenomenon and for entrants to express themselves, by exploring and advancing the creative potential of the selfie today.

Entries have taken the form of a photographic selfie. We encouraged entries that were experimental and innovative that took the selfie in exciting new directions.

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The prize has been judged by a panel of renowned artists and forward-thinkers. The ten shortlisted winners have been awarded Huawei's newest smartphone, and the overall winner won a priceless photographic experience, to be announced at a later date.

The competition coincided with the launch of Saatchi Gallery and Huawei's new exhibition, From Selfie to Self-Expression. The exhibition is open from 31st March – 30th May 2017. The show is the world’s first exhibition exploring the history of the selfie from Velazquez to the present day, while celebrating the truly creative potential of a form of expression often derided for its inanity. Showing alongside examples of many influential artists' work are selfies that have quickly became icons of the digital era – from the beautiful and sublime to the mad, bad and downright dangerous.

The overall winner has been announced at the launch of the Show at the Saatchi Gallery in London on 30th March 2017.

Dawn Woolley wins the Saatchi Selfie Competition.


The Substitute (holiday)

Dawn Woolley

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom


„My only dream was about being beautiful, but it was hurting me…. I had to do it…..”

Ola Walków

Warsaw, Poland

The Substitute (holiday)

Dawn Woolley

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom


Van O

Moscow, Russian Federation

Walk with myself in the park

Felicia Hodoroabă-Simion


Gayngel 2

Ollie Hayward

Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom

Untitled - #4

Gonzales Patrick

Dijon, France


Finnian Croy

Glasgow, United Kingdom

africa high (tennis)

Andy Kassier

Cologne, Germany


Sarah Carpenter

Rochester, United Kingdom

Life is possible only where life can exist

De Haes Debora

Hoeselt, Belgium