Join STORYSTOCK at the Saatchi Gallery to listen to the psychedelic audio guide, be part of the storytelling troupe and book into the workshops from animation to zebra printing.


Week Day Pass

Includes workshop, storytelling or tour and the Anti-Guide

  • JUNIOR 4-7 yrs 1030-1200
  • SENIOR 7-13 yrs 1300-1500 (or 1230-1430 depending on the day)
  • SENIOR 7-13 yrs 1530-1730

All ticket holders get to do the ANTI-GUIDE for free!

Weekend Pass

£10 per child on weekends and entire Easter weekend.

Every hour another story and another activity. Do as many as you can 1100-1600! Pass holders can also do a tour of the gallery (1030 & 1230) and do the ANTI-GUIDE audio tour all day long!

Older ones can buy the ANTI-GUIDE on the day to keep them occupied.

You can see the daily themes in the programme here.


Storystock has commissioned artist Amy Gadney to create the ANTI-GUIDE: an audacious audio guide which will take children on an unexpected and enlightening journey around the Pangaea exhibition.

There are 3 different tours (approx 15 mins), all completely original and suitable for all ages (with suggested ages 4+, 7+, 9+). Unlike any audio guide you will have ever done before, the ANTI-GUIDE will ask you to do thinks things, and question things about the art which you will never have thought of before. Be warned: you may learn absolutely nothing. Or you may discover the meaning of life? Who knows?

Click here for programming and booking.