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Saatchi Gallery Education were delighted to host Aesthesia and be a part of their launch of #BritainWeExist with a series of events, film screenings, a play reading and discussions exploring the Queer British South Asian experience. The event brought together artists, activists, thinkers, poets, historians, film makers and writers, over 4 days between 30th August and 2nd September, to timeline the last 35 years of British South Asian Queer Heritage.

Aesthesia presented #BritainWeExist, curated by Ash Kotak, to coincide with the first anniversary of the scrapping of Section 377 of the IPC (Indian Penal Code) by the Delhi Supreme Court last year on 6th September 2018. This ended the 158 colonial law that criminalised consensual gay sex.

The aim was to create a Queer British South Asian heritage timeline as well as announce the setting up of a new archive at the Bishopsgate Institute to store valuable memories through historical objects and titles of culture.

With works displayed by celebrated artist Qasim Riza Shaheen (@qasimrizashaheen) and new artists Sabira Haque (@huqthat) with Alia Romagnoli (@a8lia) to encourage a conversation between generations who rarely have an opportunity to meet and learn from each other.

#BritainWeExist will continue at the Horse Hospital on 12th October 2019 followed by a planning event at the RSA which will lead to a national public art exhibition across 52 sites in the UK.


Date: August Saturday 10th 2019
Time: 11am - 4pm
Where: Saatchi Gallery Education Room
Age group: Age 16+
Price: £30

Maya Mitten - renowned analog collage artist is back at the Saatchi for a day of 'painting with scissors' using a pile of old magazines and books.

Using the theme The Perfect Holiday you will be guided through the process of creating your own collage masterpiece using tips and techniques as demonstrated - all materials and equipment provided.

To see work from past students

Book using the link below

Email for more information.

Colour and Space: Artist-led Workshops with Alejandro Ospina

Alejandro Ospina, 'Both Ends of Madness'

Tuesday 2nd July 2019, 10am-2pm
Tuesday 16th July 2019, 2-6pm

Where: Saatchi Gallery Education Room
Price: £100 for full course (all materials will be provided)
Age group: 16+

Join us this Summer for the return of an immersive course on Colour Theory. Led by artist Alejandro Ospina, the course will run for two consecutive Tuesday's and offers you the exciting opportunity of working together with a professional artist from the gallery's collection.

The course will discuss key issues, including those of warm and cool colours; opposing colours; the primary colours RGB; trichromacy; the use of grey tones against primary colours; scale in reference to colour fields; the use of variety in brushstrokes; the use of the rectangle; the nature of distortions; the compression of space and depth; the search for 'form'; space and its meaning; the different kinds of space; and the nature of relational drawing seen through Mondrian's intricate early drawings and Gorky's interpretation of nature.

You will be given several exercises to help you understand the complex differences of colour mixing and interpretation and will use helpful tools to isolate these differences. Exercises will include working from still life with limited palettes to see the differences in each of the primaries against their opposing colour, and limiting the use of black and white to enhance the creation of form by using warm and cool colours to create the illusion of space. Ospina will discuss pictorial subject versus narrative subject: the blank canvas and the diversities of structure, especially using strategies like planes and geometry.

Students will also receive one to one feedback from Ospina, with each session offering the opportunity to take part in group critiques and a final critique at the end of the session. Professionals and beginners are welcome, including those with no previous experience. The work will be tailored to the different degrees of knowledge and will be individual, making the most of each participant's learning curve. For students returning from the first series the artist has developed a set of exercises continuing on without repeating the preliminary ones.

About the artist:

Alejandro Ospina works predominately with paint, exploring the human figure and the use of The Internet. First showing at the Saatchi Gallery in Pangea II in 2015, Ospina's work returned to the gallery this year as part of the 100x Handpicked in Salon.

"I try to work in ways that reflect continuous changes in attention at a rate and method that would have seemed absurd before the arrival of the Internet, simulating what happens in our minds when we jump from image to image accumulating and merging layers of visual information. I want the work to reflect how the Internet has mutated the way we look at sets of images or contemplate a stream of information." Ospina


FREE creative sessions for people with Early-Stage Dementia and their carers.

Join 'Creating with Dementia' for a series of interactive art workshops aimed at engaging people with Early-Stage Dementia and their carers. Each workshop will be led by an art facilitator trained to work with Dementia.

All workshop sessions are free and all refreshments and materials are provided.

24 May 2-3pm
31 May 11am-1pm
7 June 1-3pm
28 June 2-3pm
5 July 11am-1pm
12 July 11am-1pm

Age: Open to all ages
Price: FREE (all materials provided)
Where: Saatchi Gallery Education Room
Bookings: Please call on 07775784520 or email


In support of the RBKC Dementia Action Alliance's Sloane Square Dementia Action Week Festival, the William Scott Foundation in collaboration with the Saatchi Gallery, extend an invitation to the screening of the movie about the life experiences and artistic sensibilities of William Scott, RA (1913-1989) Directed by William Scott's son, the Oscar winning filmmaker, James Scott, the movie traces the life of a boy who becomes an internationally celebrated 20th-century painter.

Movie is 79 minutes long and popcorn and refreshments are provided.

Date: Friday 24 May
Time: 4pm-5.45pm
Age: Open to all ages
Price: FREE
Where: Saatchi Gallery Education Room
Bookings: Saatchi DAW Movie: 'Every Picture Tells a Story' life of William Scott, RA
For further information please call on 07775784520 or email


(no class on Sunday 24th of March or 21st April):

Sunday 17th March 2019
Sunday 31st March 2019
Sunday 7th April 2019
Sunday 14th April 2019
Sunday 28th April 2019
Sunday 5th May 2019

Time: 10.30-1.00pm or 2.00-4.30pm
Where: Saatchi Gallery Education Room
Price: £310, including top quality art materials
Age group: Adults (from beginners to professionals)



This course will show you how to use oil paints with the 'Primitive Flemish' technique favoured by 15th century artists such as the Van Eyck brothers. This layering approach creates maximum colour depth and three-dimensionality. The mixed use of egg tempera and oils is most archival and Ferreira taught it by request of the National Gallery of Lisbon (MNAA) at the gallery itself. There is also a variation for vegan students, which includes no egg. No toxic solvents are used in this class. This course is open to all levels.

Your teacher, Nelson Ferreira, is a qualified graduate with international experience, having worked as a visiting tutor for National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery of Lisbon (MNAA) as well as several universities and teaching institutions abroad and in the UK.

For more information and to book a place please contact Nelson Ferreira at: