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SEP-OCT: Colour and Space Painting Workshops with Artist Alejandro Ospina
SEP-NOV: Self-Development Through Art with Asmaa Alanbari
NOV: Beading for Beginners Workshops with The English Tailoress

Colour and Space: Artist-led Workshops with Alejandro Ospina

Alejandro Ospina, 'Red Lucky' 2014. Oil on canvas

Saturday 29th Sep
Saturday 6th Oct 2018
Time: 10-2pm
Where: Saatchi Gallery Education Room
Price: £100 for full course (all materials will be provided)
Age group: 16+

Join us this autumn at the Saatchi Gallery for an immersive course on Colour Theory. Led by artist Alejandro Ospina, the course will run for two consecutive Saturday's and offers you the exciting opportunity of working together with a professional artist from the gallery's collection.

The course will discuss key issues, including those of warm and cool colours; opposing colours; the primary colours RGB; trichromacy; the use of grey tones against primary colours; scale in reference to colour fields; the use of variety in brushstrokes; the use of the rectangle; the nature of distortions; the compression of space and depth; the search for 'form'; space and its meaning; the different kinds of space; and the nature of relational drawing seen through Mondrian's intricate early drawings and Gorky's interpretation of nature.

You will be given several exercises to help you understand the complex differences of colour mixing and interpretation and will use helpful tools to isolate these differences. Exercises will include working from still life with limited palettes to see the differences in each of the primaries against their opposing colour, and limiting the use of black and white to enhance the creation of form by using warm and cool colours to create the illusion of space. Ospina will discuss pictorial subject versus narrative subject: the blank canvas and the diversities of structure, especially using strategies like planes and geometry.

Students will also receive one to one feedback from Ospina, with each session offering the opportunity to take part in group critiques and a final critique at the end of the session. Professionals and beginners are welcome, including those with no previous experience. The work will be tailored to the different degrees of knowledge and will be individual, making the most of each participant's learning curve.

About the artist:

Alejandro Ospina works predominately with paint, exploring the human figure and the use of The Internet. First showing at the Saatchi Gallery in Pangea II in 2015, Ospina's work returned to the gallery this year as part of the 100x Handpicked in Salon.

"I try to work in ways that reflect continuous changes in attention at a rate and method that would have seemed absurd before the arrival of the Internet, simulating what happens in our minds when we jump from image to image accumulating and merging layers of visual information. I want the work to reflect how the Internet has mutated the way we look at sets of images or contemplate a stream of information." Ospina

'Self-Development Through Art' Workshops

Sat 29th Sep 2018
Sat 06th Oct 2018
Sat 13th Oct 2018
Sat 20th Oct 2018
Say 27th Oct 2018
Sat 3rd Nov 2018

Time: 3-5pm
Where: Saatchi Gallery Education Room
Price: £300 (for six sessions)
Age group: Adults (from beginners to professionals)
Bookings: 'Self Development Through Art' classes at Saatchi Education


From beginner to professional artist, these two-hourly sessions, held in the Education Room at the Saatchi Gallery, are open to all. The classes will include a mix of general knowledge development in contemporary art, as well as exercises in "letting go" and "opening up", achieved through mark making, painting and collage. The aim is to develop a highly personal language of self-expression on canvas or paper and to share with other pupils one's ideas. The aim of these six sessions is to explore self-development, by giving students a mindful and experimental approach to making art.

Classes are led by visual artist and curator Asmaa Alanbari. Materials and light refreshments included. In order to promote a high quality experience only a limited number of students will be taken. For more information write to ASMAA@BABYLON-ART.COM

The organisers reserve the right to cancel any of the events should any unforeseen circumstances arise, resulting in the refund of any cancelled remaining classes.

Silver Sunday 'Tour and Create' Workshop

When: Friday 5th Oct 2018
Time: 1-2.30pm (tour: 1-1.30pm, workshop: 1.30-2.30pm)
Where: Saatchi Gallery Education Room
Price: FREE
Age group: Open to adults, as part of the Silver Sunday Programme

Join us this October 5th at the Saatchi Gallery for an immersive tour and creative workshop. Led by the gallery’s education team, you will be toured through Black Mirror: Art as Social Satire, before taking part in a hands on collaging workshop in the education room. The work you create will be a direct response to the work you have seen in the exhibition.

Both the tour and workshop are free and all materials will be provided. Whilst the event is free spaces are limited to 30, so it is important to register.

For further information or should you have any questions please email or call 0207 811 3080

This event is running in collaboration with Silver Sunday:

"Silver Sunday is an annual day of fun and free activities for older people across the UK. Led by The Sir Simon Milton Foundation, it celebrates the value and knowledge they contribute to our communities while combating loneliness and isolation. Everyone can get involved, whether that’s organising an event, spreading the word, or simply attending an activity."


FREE creative sessions for people with Early-Stage Dementia and their carers.

Join 'Creating with Dementia' for a series of interactive art workshops aimed at engaging people with Early-Stage Dementia and their carers. Each workshop will be led by an art facilitator trained to work with Dementia.

All workshop sessions are free and all refreshments and materials are provided.

2 Oct
9 Oct
16 Oct
23 Oct
30 Oct

Age: Open to all ages
Price: FREE (all materials provided)
Time: 11-1pm, Tuesdays
Where: Saatchi Gallery Education Room

For any further questions please call: 07775784520 or email:


Tambour Beading and Couture Beading for Beginners

Date: Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th Nov 2018 (2 day course)
Time: 10-4.30pm
Age group: over 18s
Price: £240 per person (Includes all materials. Excludes equipment: Tambour hook & frame can be hired for £15 or purchased for £35 on the day).

This 2 day course offers a unique opportunity to take part in an in depth approach to tambour beading and couture embellishments applied to haute couture and high fashion on the catwalk. It will cover the basic chain stitch using silk organza, how to apply seed beads, bugle beads and a vermicelli design. The 2nd day will cover couture embellishments including ribbon work, with all learnt techniques applied to a small design at the end of the course.

Day 1
You will learn how to create a solid framework for beading using silk organza on a 12'' rotating frame. The main focus is on the basic chain stitch using a tambour hook correctly set up for silk organza. Seed beads, bugle beads and sequins are used to start tambour beading with a variety of techniques including vermicelli. You will also learn how to create a secure knot and change direction.

Day 2
Couture embellishments including ribbon work are taught using a beading needle and thread to create a variety of texture and dimension with 3d beadwork, clusters, raised beadwork and brickwork for trims and edging.

Please remember although you will be learning in a mixed technique group, your class is tailored specifically to your progress.

Beading techniques learnt from both days are combined and applied to a small design to finish.

14 spaces available

About the designer:

Charlotte Appleby is an International award winning Couture dress designer with specialist skills in couture beading and tailoring. Trained at London College of Fashion, Charlotte runs her own label 'The English Tailoress' as well as teaching Couture beading in the UK and Internationally across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States. Most of her designs are elegant and refined, working with lace, silks and delicate beadwork.



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last entry 5:30pm

Admission is free to all our exhibitions.

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