Roman Mikhaylov

Kiev, Ukraine

All my conscious life is connected with art: art school, college and academy. Revolution 2013 gave me a new impetus, a clear vision of surrounding reality and a resistless need to speak out on the actual topics. All my projects are focused on complex social and political processes taking place in the society and the country. During Maidan, I realized destruction as a method of creation. This is what is happening now in Ukraine and what in fact any revolution is. From that time I started my experiments with fire in my practice – “creation through destruction”. For me, the material is secondary. The idea is always primary. Most of my works are created in the genre of installation. There are also photo and video projects. Foremost, I am interested in creating art to become a substantive and topical statement. I'm interested in different states of society. In my art practice I work with social injuries, the themes of death, memory, pain, migration and deportation. I must say that Ukrainian artist today can create a really sincere project about death and war. The war theme hasn’t existed in my art before. Today I directly or indirectly address this issue in all my works.