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Maria Kulikovska

Kiev, Ukraine

I became an artist, an architect, a feminist at the call from the heart. By living and exploring this world, the seeds of reality grow stronger in me. I’ve become conscious about freedom. Freedom is body, if my body is free I’m free. Freedom is mind if my mind is free my expressions are free. My subject is the “Body”, its beauty, fragility, transformation and decay. The materials I use, are no longer lasting than the flesh making the human body. Like a soap bubble gliding in the wind, in an instant, no longer there, “Homo Bula”. If not remembered, forgotten. An object of desire and control, more feared than loved, more used and enslaved than cared for. It wakes me up, history is re-written in sculptures, 3dimensional texts of “Sistory” again remembered and present. Art liberates, creating a space where free expression can inspire a beauty seeking force. I come from a land of conflict, where the land is fought for, because of its value. The body becomes worthless in this system of value. New borders and frames are created, controlling our bodies and minds. I close my eyes and dream as I try to liberate it again.