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Amba Sayal-Bennett

London, United Kingdom

My work tests common conventions of visual communication to probe the relationship between experience and language. By problematizing the relationship between reception and interpretation, i.e. how we obtain meaning from visual experience, and how this experience is transformed and codified, my work seeks to highlight the arbitrary nature of signifying processes by means of their disruption. Taking familiar elements from everyday life, or from within my own body of work, and treating them as lexical units to be reformulated within my own ‘aesthetic’ syntax, I aim to create drawn spaces that fit within dominant symbolic and linguistic structures yet which temporarily suspend their organizing processes. My interest in notation has led me to explore how experience can be reduced to basic terms of line, colour and shape. Using the logic of this translation I reverse this process, applying it to my own drawings to make spatial constructions from them. I am interested in how these translated elements change through transposition, and how their change in medium and context affects how I work back into them. I think of this process as a cybernetic system whereby the work evolves through an ongoing process of human - material interaction and feedback.