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Rebecca Molloy

London, United Kingdom

Largely formed of installations that combine painting, sculpture and video; Molloy's works attempt to create an alternative understanding of the human body and its interactions with its surroundings. Absurdity and strangeness act as a starting point, where source material ranges from Internet obscurities, isolated body parts, limbs in repetitive movements and fashion advertising. Molloy combines these elements with humour and playfulness to create installations that are seemingly bright and inviting. Painting is at the core of Molloy’s installations as it is used to transform surfaces, objects and video screens in order to envelop the viewer into an alternate painted reality. The components of painting are deconstructed and reorganized as sensations, colour and textures are strewn across objects, flattened into graphics and revealed in new forms of whipped cream, chocolate milk and hundreds and thousands. Even when painting seems all but abandoned, it is actually flourishing wildly amongst flowing pools of lava, wooden surfaces and plumes of ribbon.