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Kyung Hwa Shon

London, United Kingdom

My artwork explores the reciprocal relation between a city and the imagination through the eyes of a city phantom, ‘Stillman’. The uncovered invisible remnants of ‘Stillman’ make the city a field of excavation where everything is buried, hidden, and remaining undiscovered. Through chasing his traces, the city is transformed into a surrealistic theatrical space for exploration of the feeling of newness and psychic ambivalence. A number of unanticipated experiences in everyday life unfold into extensions of imagination that oscillate between virtuality and actuality. The imagination heightens the sense of unpredictability, instantaneity, and disorientation in the city. It opens out a space for the possibility of experiencing a rapid transition of both spatiality and temporality, as well as sensory experiences of fragmentation. The myriad ambiguous signs and letters in the street and fragmented specular images on shop-window displays are crucial elements in creating peculiar relationships with the world of things, implying the emergence of the imagination. Through these elements, the infinite boundary of the imagination unleashes the city as unaccustomed, disoriented, and reencountered. My art-practice focuses on the rediscovery of psychological heteromorphic identification, the presence of invisible substance, and fantastic visual experiences emanating from serendipitous moments of glitch in the city.