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Masha Batsea

London, Ukraine

Ukrainian born, living and working in London - one can say my perception of East and Eastern culture is far from reality - an assertion which I put under a discussion in my ongoing project YalaYolo. I am exploring the reality in which the East and the West are not opposing each other but blend and fuse together, which is only natural in the age of internet, technologies and migration. Under a certain angle, getting a kebab in a plastic box on your casual drunken Friday night is within the same order of things as Rihanna doing a photoshoot inside the Grand Mosque, wearing a sexy r&b attitude and a hijab. Hasty, impulsive digestion and somewhat crude mis/appropriation of food and culture - we have willingly adopted this rhythm to be able to keep up with everything. This rhythm is pulsating with images and meanings, screens and bodies, dancing together and creating an erratic arabesque - the vision of new global society, which cares not a jot for puristic values but recycles them instead and celebrates the Great Fusion. At the end of the day - when was the last time the pursuit of puristic values did not end up as a disaster?