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Sophia Starling

London, United Kingdom

I am a painter. Neither the presentation of my work—whether on wall, plinth or ground—nor its preoccupation with materials should distract from the fact that I am engaged in painting. The productive tension in my work derives from its engagement with the constraints, history and associative meanings of that medium. My practice is founded upon the principle that a painting is more than a picture plane. It is a physical construction built by the artist, composed traditionally of canvas, oil paint, wood and staples. I seek to draw attention to those materials—their properties and their arrangement—and to explore the creative possibilities they afford. Equal value is attached to the various components of my paintings, from colour to support. The painting therefore operates as an integral whole rather than as a collection of materials designed to support an illusory two-dimensional surface. The intention is not to diminish or negate the traditionally ‘painterly’ elements—colour and form are essential to the works’ effect—but rather to elevate those that traditionally have been hidden from view.