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Axis Dialogue - Call for Submissions

Dialogue, Axis’s free online art journal generating new critical writing on contemporary art practice, seeks artists / curators / arts professionals / writers to contribute to future issues. Deadline: ongoing

[zeiTraum]’s Washroom - Talks by Jay Rechsteiner

Talkers needed to participate in a series of video recorded discussions about the nature of art, taking place inside public or private washrooms in the London area. Deadline: ongoing

Artist Representation by Wooloo in Berlin - Call for Submissions

Artists are invited to submit work for representation by the gallery Deadline: ongoing

LAND GRAB ONLINE - Call for Submissions

Wooloo.org seek submissions including - but not limited to - issues of land ownership, real estate acquisitions, squatting on private or public property, citizenship and colonialism, for an exhibition in New York and online. Deadline: ongoing

i-cabin bookshop - call for submissions of arists' publications

i-cabin are currently looking for artist's publications for retail through their bookshop. Deadline: ongoing

The Wait Gallery

You are invited to contribute to an online space for exhibiting the things you did while waiting for something Deadline: ongoing

The Live Art Almanac - call for recommendations / contributions

Live art UK seeks writing that directly or indirectly addresses Live Art practice and the contemporary Live Art landscape Deadline: ongoing, first publication March / April 2008

The Centre of Attention welcomes submissions from artists

London-based Pierre Coinde and Gary O'Dwyer's participatory curating Deadline: ongoing

Ocean Pixel 5: Southampton's Digital Arts Festival

2008 will see the 5th anniversary of Ocean Pixel. Submissions are now being called for from digital artists whom wish to showcase their work. Deadline: Fri 29 Feb 2008

The Happy Hypocrite - Call for Submissions

The bi-annual journal for and about art writing seeks submissions for issue 2, 'Hunting and Gathering', and issue 3, 'Volatile Dispersal: Speed and Reading'. Deadline: Ongoing

AAH Conference 2009: Intersections - Call for Sessions

Call for Sessions on the intersections of art history with different disciplinary, methodological, political and historical spaces. Deadline: Mon 14 Apr 2008

The Whole World - Call for Submissions from tank.tv

tank.tv is looking for lists! Top 100s, 50s, 1000s! Good lists, bad lists and mediocre lists. Lists of anything and everything. Deadline: Mon 1 Mar 2008

Live Art Residency - Call for Applications

South Hill Park welcomes applications for three Rules and Regs live art resident posts from artists and artist groups wishing to develop new work by exploring their practice in a new way. Deadline: Fri 22 Feb 08

Braziers International Artists Workshop

A two week workshop bringing together up to 30 artists of all nationalities for 16 days to work, exchange dialogue and experiment. Deadline: Mon 25 Feb 2008

Futuresonic EVNTS - Submit Now

Futuresonic now invites any programmer, curator, promoter, label or artist group anywhere in the world to stage an independent event in EVNTS 2008, a city-wide showcase of affiliated events Deadline: EVNTS Competition deadline - Thu 7 Feb 5pm EVNTS Showcase deadline - Thu 20 Feb 5pm

British Antarctica Survey - Artists and Writers Programme

Two places are available each year during the Antarctic summer season for successful participants. Deadline: Sat 1 Mar 08

Nan Bursaries 2008: Artists’ New Collaborations

Bursaries to enable two or more professional artists (or other professional collaborator) to spend time together to explore notions and issues around collaborative working and research the development of a specific project. Deadline: 6pm Thu 28 Feb 2008

Call for Submissions for Dialogue - The Axis Online Journal

To tie in with the recent launch of Axis's curator directory the next series of articles will focus on the role of the curator in contemporary art and current curatorial practice. Deadline: Mon 3 Mar 2008

URBANSPACE - Call for Submissions

The 2008 edition of URBANSPACE looks to examine the diverse formation of local communities, informal situations and other site-specific representations of contemporary urban existence. Deadline: Tue 1 April 08

World Telekinesis Competition 2008 - Call for Participation

Noxious Sector Artist Collective in collaboration with Deluge Contemporary Art is currently inviting submissions for the 2008 World Telekinesis Competition, a curated performance initiative to be held at Deluge Contemporary Art Gallery in Victoria, BC, Canada. Deadline: Fri 29 Feb 2008

Call for submissions - Second Live Art Falmouth Festival, June 2008

Submissions of Live Art, Performance-based video and film work, sound/sonic art, collaborative, interdisciplinary or site-specific work accepted. Deadline: Mon 14 Apr 2008

Contribute to Artists Talking

Artists Talking is the place for artists to talk about the ‘what, where and how’ of their practice and for curators, commissioners, academics, researchers to explore artists' insights and perspectives on contemporary visual arts practice. Deadline: ongoing more...

Rules and Regs - Call for Applications

Colchester Arts Centre welcomes applications from artists wishing to participate in Rules and Regs live art programme in Colchester. Deadline: Mon 29 Feb, 08

Residencies at The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home

The Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home welcomes proposals for performances, discussions, screenings, residencies, exhibitions, actions and presentations throughout the year. Deadline: ongoing

Santa Fe Art Institute - Artist and Writer Residencies

Successful applicants will be eligible to spend one to three months living and working in Santa Fe, New Mexico as part of their preeminent contemporary residency program. Deadline: Fri 14 Mar 2008

Visions in the Nunnery - Call for submissions

Visions in the Nunnery is an annual event, that showcases some of the most exciting National and International artists who are pushing, film, video and moving image practice. Deadline: Mon 31 Mar 2008

Outcasting - Web Based Screening Project

An internet based screening channel for all forms of moving image work. Submissions will be screened on a rolling basis.

Another Roadside Attraction - Two Calls for Submissions

Another Roadside Attraction seeks submissions for Subliminal Seduction: An event on Oxford Street in late March/ April and for its inaugural project space show “Closing Down Sale.” Deadline: Submissions being taken now

FRED Art Invasion Across Cumbria - Call for Submisions

Artists working in any medium are invited to submit proposals of installation or intervention projects for FRED, the annual art invasion of Cumbria. Deadline: Fri 4 Apr 2008, 5pm

Jan van Eyck Academie - Call for Applications

Artists, designers and theoreticians are invited to submit proposals for individual or collective research projects for a one-year, two-year or variable research period in the departments of Fine Art, Design and Theory Deadline: Tue 15 Apr 08

Dislocate 08 - Art, Technology, Locality - Call for Proposals

Dislocate questions our notions of place and location in the face of perpetual motion through multifaceted environments. Through an exhibition, symposium and workshop series Dislocate will examine this encounter and communication, taking a journey through surrounding spaces and exploring our transient connections. Deadline: Mon 14 Apr 08

Helen Chadwick Fellowship

The British School at Rome and the Ruskin School of Drawing & Fine Art invite applications for a Senior Research Fellowship. Deadline: Fri 7 Mar 08

On Curating: Mad Love, Orphan Letters, Open Archives

On Curating: Mad Love, Orphan Letters, Open Archives /seconds invites submissions from artists and non-artists alike to unpack and release unseen, unheard or unpublished material, in a spirit of openness. Deadline: Wed 5 Mar 2008

Artists-in-Residence In Everglades

Artists-in-Residence In Everglades. The Everglades National Park artist-in-residency program offers visual artists and writers the opportunity to live and work in the unique environment of the Everglades. Application deadlines are ongoing and will be reviewed several times during the year. For more information, contact: Alan Scott at (305) 242-7750 or Donna Marxer at (212) 966-5212. Email: alan_scott@nps.gov.

Fulbright grants are available for artists for 2-6 week lecturing and research abroad

Fulbright grants are available for artists for 2-6 week lecturing and research abroad. No application fee, stipends are available. Contact the Fulbright Senior Specialist Program, Council for International Exchange of Scholars, 3007 Tilden St NW, Suite 5L, Washington, DC 20008-3009; phone: 202/686-7877; email: apprequest@cies.iie.org; website: http://www.cies.org

The George Sugarman Foundation makes grants available for artists in need of financial assistance

The George Sugarman Foundation makes grants available for artists in need of financial assistance. Award amounts are open, but the artist must provide a budget for the amount requested. For information, contact the George Sugarman Foundation, 448 Ignacio Blvd., Novato, CA 94949; phone: 415/713-8167; email: ardensugarman@hotmail.com.

Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) is seeking professional artists for design collaborations and/ or public art commissions for its Art-in Transit Program

Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) is seeking professional artists for design collaborations and/ or public art commissions for its Art-in Transit Program. Over the next few years, Charlotte is building a rapid transit system and will incorporate public art into its stations, park and rides, and maintenance facilities. $2.3 million for art. Design fees range from $5K-$25K: commissions from $25K-$250K. In preparation for Phase I ( 22 commissions for 2003- early 04) and subsequent phases, artists are requested to submit their materials to a new slide registry that will be used to make selections of artists as the system is phased in. For more information and an on-line application visit www.ridetransit.org and click on Art-in-Transit on the right hand side of the screen or www.catsartintransit@ci.charlotte.nc.us or call (704) 432-0479.

Global Arts Village is an emerging international residential art center in New Delhi, India

Global Arts Village is an emerging international residential art center in New Delhi, India, encouraging diversity and multicultural exchange among creative people of all kinds. They practice community living, sharing meals and evening activities. The Village enables artists to experience a natural, eco-friendly environment for creative work. The Global Arts Village is a three-acre property that includes gardens, a multi-purpose studio, sculpture workshop, a meditation and performance hall, a common building, a dance studio, performance spaces and accommodations. The buildings are in accordance with the ancient wisdom of Vastu, which harmonizes man-made structures with their natural environments. The Village offers residency programs to emerging, mid-career and established artists in all major creative disciplines. We are building a community that blends art, culture and consciousness. Individuals with exploratory spirits are invited to join. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, there is no deadline. The application can be submitted via email or post. info@globalartsvillage.org or Global Arts Village Mehrauli - Gurgaon Road Utsav Mandir, Gitorni New Delhi, 110030, India www.globalartsvillage.org

Call to Artists: Pepper Rama Gallery of Visionary Art

Call to Artists: Pepper Rama Gallery of Visionary Art is seeking artists in varying mediums of original works for exhibtion. For more information email art@jaxhotsauce.com or visit www.JaxHotSauce.com

Online artist portfolios created by ArtPromote.com

Online artist portfolios created by ArtPromote.com. Free for low income, student, and disabled artists who do not have their own websites. For established artists there is a modest one time administration fee with no extra costs. ArtPromote.com averages over 450,000 page views every month; artists can gain significant exposure by using this service. Visit: http://www.artpromote.com/artists/ To apply follow the instructions under 'Add an Artist.'

Open Portfolio Review:

Open Portfolio Review: Infusion Gallery, Located in downtown Los Angeles, Gallery Row is seeking artists. All media, and styles accepted. Artists who are interested can contact Jill Abrams at info@infusionGallery.com or can call 213-683-8827 during gallery hours 12-6 tue-sat. For more information on how to submit your work go to http://www.infusiongallery.com/portfolio_review.html

Call to Mural and Faux finishing Artists

Call to Mural and Faux finishing Artists: CEGrafix.com is a for-profit service organization which provides services, financial & educational programs, publications and a resource for arts organizations. Founded in 1990 by Joseph Smith, lawyers and artists, programs and services from vendors it’s designed to help artists understand and apply legal concepts to the way they do business. Please contact Joseph Smith ( 561-347-7720) or go to www.cegrafix.com for additional information.

Workshop Opportunity. Plein-Air Painting and Photography Workshops/Two Rivers-Two Lands Project

Workshop Opportunity. Plein-Air Painting and Photography Workshops/Two Rivers-Two LandsProject Director; Lew Wilson, Widely recognized painter and nature photographer will be conducting workshops to bring capital assistance in reaching four non-profit formal viewing exhibits, among other, in the belief that the Fine Arts can make a difference to young and old alike in taking care of the Good Earth. These workshops will consist of guided explorations in natural settings that will inspire participants to respond to these unique landscapes in original creative ways. What makes these landscapes unique is that they are pristine yet, paradoxical rich in history. Workshop settings will be at the North Fork Dude Ranch in Shawnee, Colorado and the Historic Gibson Inn in Apalachicola, Florida for a 3-4 or one-week stay-over site. Both regions that still remain in an historic setting; The soul, as it were, of both settings is a river known as the North Fork River of the South Platte and the Apalachicola River of Apalachicola in north Florida's 'Last and Forgotten Coast'. Participants will use their hidden creative talent understanding light and composition from the minimal components in nature to the majestic including understanding methods and techniques in drawing, painting and photography to accomplish a rewarding experience. Large format digital 4x5 photography will be included. The objective is to go beyond referencing locale through imagery of allusion to obtain a new awareness of oneself and one's creativity as the result of encountering these almost mystical places. Each one discloses an essential, if often ignored, aspect of our complex cultural system as a technologically advanced culture whose sense of self remains linked to the frontier in finding our place in nature. This workshop will also offer information on archival practices, artist portfolio presentation design. For information and some career background on Lew Wilson please visit the artist's website at; www.4biz.com/lewwilson then go to topics at left of image, contacting Lew Wilson through his e-mail at; lewwilsonphoto@excite.com with questions to enrollment. More information on these workshops can also be found by clicking here.

Atlantic Beach Public Arts Commission seeks artists for rotating art in public locations around the city.

The Atlantic Beach Public Arts Commission seeks artists for rotating art in public locations around the city. Works will be juried, and accepted works placed throughout the city for a six month period with the artist's name, name of work and biography. The works must be able to withstand the beach elements. At the end of the six months the artist may sell his work, retrieve it or the city will find another location for it. The City will pay up to $500 for transportation and installation of accepted works. Artists interested in displaying their works should send inquiries to ABPAC, 1970 Mipaula Court, Atlantic Beach, Florida 32233, call (904) 247-1473, or Email: Wgaspaul@aol.com

Art Committee for the New Opera House in Oslo invites artists to

The Art Committee for the New Opera House in Oslo invites artists to participate in a pre-qualifying round for decorating the parts of the foyer area of the New Opera House. The Art Committee is welcoming international artists and has, via the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, asked the Consulate General to inform art organizations and artists in it's area of jurisdiction about the competition. The project may be described as an artistic intervention in the large, interior volumes of the building, which will articulate and draw attention to one of the most important public spaces in the New Opera House. The invitation and requirements of the competition may be found at: http://www.operautsmykking.no/english/index.html

The Hicks Artist Cooperative of New Britain, CT is looking for artists, sculptors and potters to exhibit their work for sale in their space

Deadline Not Specified The Hicks Artist Cooperative of New Britain, CT is looking for artists, sculptors and potters to exhibit their work for sale in their space. The gallery, a newly renovated 19th century building is located in downtown New Britain and is planning to open its doors on September 1st, 2005. The gallery is committed to providing exposure to local emerging as well as established artists and is looking for unique and original artwork in every medium. To submit your artwork please send slides, printed materials or CD's with artist's statement, bio and resume to Liliana Ortega, 333 McClintock Street, New Britain, CT 06053. If you would like for your materials to be returned, please include SASE with your submission.

Proposals from mid-career artists working in all media

The Alice and William Jenkins Gallery at Crealde School of Art seeks proposals from mid-career artists working in all media for the 2006/2007 exhibition season. The Jenkins Gallery is visited by 7,000 people each year. Please submit a letter of interest, artist statement, 10-20 slides or digital images on CD, and a SASE to: Rima Jabbur/Senior Gallery Curator/Crealde School of Art/600 Saint Andrews Blvd/Winter Park, Florida 32792 or visit www.crealde.org.

Vero Beach Museum of Art is looking for professional artists, especially in glass, with teaching experience to join our faculty and after school outreach programs

The Vero Beach Museum of Art is looking for professional artists, especially in glass, with teaching experience to join our faculty and after school outreach programs. The Vero Beach Museum of Art offers a variety of courses including painting, drawing, ceramics, bronze casting and metal fabrication to the public. The outreach program provides youth in low socio economic communities with in-depth arts experiences. To learn more about the Vero Beach Museum of Art and its programs visit www.vbmuseum.org. To apply, please send a resume and work samples to: The Vero Beach Museum of Art, Attn: Annie Kraybill, 3001 Riverside Park Drive, Vero Beach, FL 32963. Or email akraybill@vbmuseum.org.

The Palm Beach County Artists' Association announces a call to artists

The Palm Beach County Artists' Association announces a call to artists. The mission of The Palm Beach County Artists' association is a coalition created and managed by artists, for artists of all disciplines. We are dedicated to empowering individuals in the arts by reaching out to our diverse community, cultivating professional and social resources and opportunities for our members, and developing collaborative relationships. With several of the events that have been hosted around the county, this organization has many plans to continue this mission. Part of our focus is to create small, intimate gatherings among artists of multidiscipline within the county. The intimate connections will be done by way of Koffee Klatches (which are small home or studio gatherings among artist friends who you feel would benefit from this organization) and By Artists for Artists Enrichment projects (which are mini workshops or seminars given by PBC artist for PBC artists). We are looking for hosts for these events as well as people who are willing to house some of these events at their homes, studios, galleries, conference rooms, dance halls or any type of roomy space that will allow the artists to expand their talents with each other. For more information, plea se contact Tracy Rosof-Petersen @ 561-585-1411 eartists@bellsouth.net.

The Gadsden Arts Center in Quincy, Florida invites artists to apply for an exhibition of their

The Gadsden Arts Center in Quincy, Florida invites artists to apply for an exhibition of their in the Gadsden Arts Center’s Zoe Golloway Exhibit Hall or Community Room. Works will be exhibited on a rotating basis in these spaces when the galleries are not utilized for exhibiting works from the main exhibition. We will exhibit an average of three works from each approved artist. Applications will be reviewed by the Executive Director and Exhibitions Committee. To find out more about this opportunity obtain an application, call Joyce Gardner at 850.875.4866 or email joycegac@tds.net.

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