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The Alexandra Reinhardt Memorial Award

Annual prize of

Sculpture at Goodwood

Sculpture at Goodwood is a non-profit organisation dedicated to commissioning large-scale 21st century sculpture. A point of exchange for artists, collectors, critics and commissioning bodies.

Green Heart Partnership: Landscape+Arts Network Services

Green Heart Partnership is looking for digital new media artists (particularly those working with digital video) who are interested in creating innovative models for community engagement and public consultation from within local authority settings. The captured perceptions form the end-product immediately impact change - through capital development, new policy or new programming. Green Heart Partnership is a forward-thinking initiative supporting individuals and teams who challenge existing practise to work towards a joined-up approach that equally values the process and the end product. GHP considers that art is a part of how we address our public realm, and not solely an isolated portion of the physical environment. By working with all of the Hertfordshire local authorities to develop new models of creative cross-departmental working practice and supported in partnership with the Arts Council England, East, this initiative is pairing the arts with the environment and capital development departments to explore how creative-led collaborations can assist in creating more engaging, appealing and environmentally sustainable communities.

Film and Video Umbrella

The primary focus of Film and Video Umbrella's activities is the curation and production of artists' film and video work for gallery exhibition at venues in England. Film and Video Umbrella commissions approximately eight new projects a year - each of which is developed in collaboration with a partner venue before touring to other galleries in England and, on occasion, further afield.


Photoworks is a visual arts organisation based in Brighton. They regularly commission new photography projects, produce exhibitions and publications, and initiate research and education programmes. Also publish Photoworks Magazine biannually, showcasing both established artists and emerging talents, providing a unique forum for photographic debate and critical writing.

Book Works

Book Works has established an international reputation by commissioning, publishing and promoting contemporary artists' books. The organisation also mounts an associated programme of exhibitions and events in a wide range of venues including libraries, museums and other unconventional spaces. They also hold monthly surgeries for artists seeking to self-publish or find a publisher for artists' books.

The Eranda Foundation

Very little information given as to what specific types of arts are funded; contact the correspondent for more details. The foundation prefers to remain anonymous when funding, but made donations totalling

Oppenheim - John Downes Memorial Awards

The Oppenheim - John Downes Memorial Trust will make awards to deserving artists of any kind whether writers, painters, sculptors, musicians, dancers, craftsmen or inventors who are unable to pursue their vocation by reason of their poverty. Awards are restricted to persons who are natural born British subjects, of parents and grandparents all of whom are British subjects (Section 43 of the Race Relations Act applies) and applicants must be over 30 years of age. The awards are made in December of each year, closing date for applications is 15 October.

Foreigners' Fellowships Programme - Category A II Research Grants

The Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation funds an annual programme of research grants and educational scholarships starting around October each year, which is addressed to foreign full members of national academies, university professors of all levels, researchers including Ph.D. holders, artists, translators of Greek literature, elementary and secondary school teachers of the Greek language as a foreign language, postgraduate students, and Ph.D. candidates. Research grants are offered in architecture, visual arts, music, dance, photography and film studies. The grantees of category AII will be invited, on a case by case basis, to deliver a lecture or to conduct a seminar during their stay in Greece, either at the Onassis Cultural Centre of Athens or at a university or another scholarly or research or cultural centre.

American Airlines

During the last two years, the company has mainly concentrate on the arts but considers all requests. Tend to concentrate on performing arts, but some visual arts considered. Send unsolicited requests via letter or fax, enclosing a short proposal to Petra Luckman, Sponsorship and Events Manager.

Proof of Concept fund

The Proof of Concept Fund provides finance for creative ideas that have the potential to become commercially successful. Up to

NESTA - Graduate Pioneer Programme

NESTA's Graduate Pioneer Programme invests in young design graduates who aim to revolutionise the way business works by applying their skills to design new types of companies and to create new markets. Successful applicants will be invited to attend The Academy, where they will be given an opportunity to win up to

Millenium Awards

People of all ages, backgrounds and abilities from all parts of the United Kingdom can apply for a Millennium award. Funded by the Millennium Commission, Awards are distribited through charities and other organisations with community networks and a track record in grant making.


Offer comprehensive information on government funding for businesses and voluntary groups, updated daily.

Creative Capital Fund

The Creative Capital Fund (CCF) makes equity investments in promising early-stage creative industry businesses in London. The Fund has

Awards for All

Awards for All is a scheme jointly run by several lottery distributors in England, with applications being considered by nine regional committees. The scheme is administered by the National Lottery Charities Board (known as Community Fund from 8 April) and offers a one-stop-shop service, distributing grants of between

Association of London Government (ALG) [previously London Borough Grants]

The ALG Grants Committee invests nearly

Creative Lewisham Agency

Since its inception in December 2001 the Agency has sought to develop, in any way appropriate, the scale and level of activity of the creative sector in Lewisham and brings its resources to bear on a range of projects that seek to improve the 'liveability' of the borough. All this work is aimed to build on the specific strengths of the borough as outlined in a recent 'Lewisham Commission on Culture and Urban Development' report - making Lewisham the best place to 'live, work and learn' in London, but also the best place to be creative in. The Agency's work is divided across four strategic areas: Economic regeneration, Quality of the Urban Realm, Training and Education and Cultural development. If you would like to receive news and updates on arts events and opportunities from the Agency on a regular basis, please send an email to cla@creativelewishamagency.org.uk with 'subscribe' in the subject box. You can unsubscribe at any time, and the service is free.

Science on Stage and Screen

The Science on Stage and Screen award seeks to engage the public's interest in biomedical science or human health, through the support of new drama, film/video and television and multimedia productions. Creative project proposals may receive grants awards of up to

Live Art Development Agency (LADA)

The Live Art Development Agency's Study Room is a free, open access research facility used by artists, students, curators and scholars as well as many other arts professionals. Over the last five years the Study Room has grown into an invaluable resource and now contains over 2500 items, including 700 publications, 700 videos and 400 DVDs and CD-ROMS. All the materials have a Live Art focus and all are listed at www.thisisliveart.co.uk/resources/study_room.html. As well as providing an archive, advice and information and research and training opportunities, Live Art Development Agency also broker partnerships with venues and institutions to expand exhibiting opportunities for the Live Art sector. One to One Individual Artists Bursaries in Live Art aim to provide artistic and professional development opportunities for individual practitioners bases in London who work in Live Art, new performance and time based media. Awards range from

Mesh/Channel 4

Mesh is open to anyone in the UK who works in the field of digital animation. Mesh intends to commission six digital animation proposals and two interactive ideas. Three narrative animations will go into production to be broadcast on Channel 4, with one interactive fiction commissioned for the web. An initial shortlist will be selected to develop script ideas. International animation experts mentor the scheme and run a series of specially designed workshops and master classes to allow candidates to develop their scripting and technical skills. In addition, as part of the scheme, Film Four Lab is offering a bursary of

Clark Digital Art Bursary

Initiated in 1998, the Bursary provides opportunities for creative development in digital media through a residency programme and has built a reputation for innovation, development and quality. 2006's award of

Animate Projects

Animate is a groundbreaking commissioning project established by Arts Council England and Channel 4 to support risk taking and experimental animation works for television. Exploding the traditional preconceptions of what animation is and could be, Animate exists to break down barriers and challenge expectations. The project explores the relationship between art and animation and the place of animation and its concepts in contemporary art practice. Since 1990 Animate has commissioned 84 dynamic and diverse films including works from David Shrigley & Chris Shepherd (Who I Am and What I Want), Run Wrake (Rabbit) and AL + AL (Perpetual Motion in the Land of Milk and Honey and Interstellar Stella), amongst others.

The Photography Prize

First awarded in 1997, this prize celebrates the diversity and importance of photgraphy in British art.

The Artists' Moving Image Network

The Artists' Moving Image Network supports London-based artists working in moving image: whether film, video, digital, animation or new technologies and for installation, cinema, gallery exhibition, the public realm or broadcast. The Network helps artists engage with and benefit from the wide range of services, resources and opportunities that the capital has to offer. AMIN also administers the London Artists' Film and Video Awards (LAFVA), an open submission awards scheme for artists' living and working in the London region. Awards are available to artists' working in the context of contemporary fine art moving image practice and producing work intended for exhibition in galleries, festivals, specialist venues and as site specific installations. Awards are intended for fully developed projects with a realisable exhibition and distribution plan.

Olympus Optical Co (UK) Ltd

Sponsors events and individuals involved in photography, and considers all requests. Contact Sarah Cubitt, Communications Manager.


Funding for full length film for up to

London Artists Film & Video Awards

In 2001, the London Artists' Film and Video Awards were launched by LFVDA and Arts Council England - London. These awards were made available to individual artists for the production of film/video art for exhibition in galleries, other exhibition spaces or cinemas. There are two main strands for the awards: Development Awards: Funding up to

Film Council

The Film Council was set up by the Government in April 2000 to be the lead organisation for the UK film industry. Its remit includes the encouragement of both cultural and commercial film activity. The principal source of its funds is the National Lottery, and it will channel all public money for film production and the National Film and Television School. See www.ukfilmcouncil.org.uk/funding/ for information on the Council's funding strands.


MEDIA is a six year programme of the European Union to strengthen the competitiveness of the European film, TV and new media industries and to increase the international circulation of European audiovisual product. MEDIA Plus commenced on 1 January 2001 and will run to 31 December 2006. With a budget of

Film London

Film London is the strategic agency for the film and media sector in London. It is an amalgamation of the London Film Commission (LFC) and the London Film and Video Development Agency (LFVDA), which merged in April 2003. Film London will invest in film production, exhibition and education and in the economic and industry development initiatives across the capital. Included in the vast range of services Film London provide are an information database on hotel deals for filmmakers from outside of town, diary availability for crews and location managers, a filmmakers code of practice and a listing of London's film services. Various development schemes outlined on their website aim to nurture the capital's film, TV and animation professionals and support the training sector.

Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers Awards
http://www.0114 263 4455

Annual award of

Wingate Scholarships

Candidates can be citizens of the UK, Commonwealth, Ireland or Israel or another EU country, provided they have been resident in the UK for three years. They should be living in the British Isles during the period of the application and be 24 years or over. The Scholarships are awarded to individuals of great potential and proven excellence. The Scholarships are to help with the cost of a specific projects which may last up to three years. Projects should be of 'intellectual, scientific, artistic, social or environmental value', they may be in craft but not in fine art. Candidates need to show why their project is unlikely to receive funding from major funding agencies. Average award is

The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust

Scholarships are awarded to fund further study, training and practical experience for men and women who want to improve their craft or trade skills. There is no age limit, but you must be able to demonstrate an already developed high level of skill, and committment to your craft or trade. You must live and work in the UK to be eligible for a Scholarship. Not awarded for buying or leasing equipment or premises or for funding courses in general further education. Each Scholarship is worth between

The Edward Marshall Trust

The Edward Marshall Trust was set up to promote the cutting edge of contemporary craft and design. The biennial awards are normally given towards the funding of progressive design for functional items, particularly furnishings. The scale of the project is of less importance than the ingenuity and quality of the idea. Visit their website for details of the requirements.

FX International Interior Design Awards

For contract interior design; categories are interior projects and interior products.

David Canter Memorial Fund

The fund is open to artists who have finished their formal training and are working full-time or part-time but need money for specific projects or research. Grants usually range from

Arts & Humanities Research Council (AHRC)

AHRC have a range of UK-wide programmes supporting the highest quality research and postgraduate training in the arts and humanities. From around 1500 applications to their seven Research schemes they make around 550-600 awards. From around 5500 applications to their Postgraduate schemes for funding people in Higher education they make around 1500 awards. In addition, AHRC manage on an agency basis for HEFCE (the Higher Education Funding Council for England) almost

Crafts Council

The Crafts Council's National Register of Makers provides the most comprehensive listing of contemporary craftspeople in Britain. Registration is free and open to any contemporary craftsperson living and working in Great Britain, who designs and makes their own work. Makers should have a professional approach to their work, although it is not essential to work full time as a craftsperson. Applicants must have finished their studies. Self-taught applicants are eligible for inclusion. Those working in illustration, fine art, painting, restoration, conservation, reproduction and sculpture are not eligible for inclusion. The Register is used by members of the public wanting to contact individual makers, as well as shops, galleries, trade buyers, architects, designers and businesses looking for new work. It is also used by the media and researchers offering increased exposure for designer-makers across the UK. As well as the Register, the Crafts Council manages a Development Award, business advice unit, reference library and desk, and the Photostore, which contains over 35,000 images of work for viewing by potential clients. The Register is non-selective; Photostore is selective. Development Award - Annual deadlines are 1 March, 1 June, 1 September and 1 December. Endeavours to support new creative practices in England and candidates must either be about to, or within three years of, setting up their first workshop. The grant is given in two parts; maintenance grant of

Craft Central

Craft Central (used to be Clerkenwell Green Association) supports craftpeople in numerous ways. It offers business training, tailored mentoring, networking opportunities and studio space. The Work Experience Programme with CGA has two elements. One is to provide placements for individual students wishing to experience a variety of different craft/design areas first hand. The second is for visiting groups of students to spend a day around the workshops meeting craftspeople and designers and discussing their work and background. CGA financially supports craftspeople based in Camden, Hackney, Islington and Tower Hamlets in a number of ways. This includes the Clerkenwell Award to support newly trained craftspeople set up business; The Pennybank Showcase which includes a display and exhibition space, support and training and travelling showcases; Business Development support through in-house consultants, grants and IT resources; and a schools Work Experience Programme. Workshops vary in size, from under 100 sq ft to over 400 sq ft. They are operated on a simple monthly licence, fully inclusive of business rates. Enquiries should be made to the Workshops Manager and are only accepted from practising professional craftspeople and designers.

Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Art Grant

The Arts Grants scheme is for arts activities or projects (by organisations or individuals) which are undertaken within the boundaries of the Royal Borough and demonstrate that they meet at least two of its strategic objectives. Also offer free funding surgeries. Deadlines three times a year, in 2007 they will be: 18 May 2007, 21 September 2007 and Friday 18 January 2008.

ROSL ARTS (Royal Over-Seas League)

ROSL arts offers a scholarship (maximum value

The Henry Moore Foundation

The Henry Moore Foundation's grant-making programme was revised in 2004 to provide additional financial resources to support the work of living artists and contemporary art practice. Special consideration will be given to projects outside London and to venues with limited opportunities to show contemporary art. Other long-standing categories supporting historic and contemporary sculpture will remain in the programme, including post-doctoral research fellowships assisting outstanding young scholars. Invites applications from scholars, curators and artists, who are interested in working on historic and contemporary sculpture using the resources at the Institute. The collections comprise sculptures, a library, a slide library and an archive of works on paper, models and original documents. Fellows will be offered accommodation, travel expenses and a per diem in order to use these resources for one month. The Institute is also able to offer the possibility of presenting finished research projects in published form, as a seminar, or in its galleries.

The Turner Prize

Sponsored by Channel 4, the Turner Prize has turned form a localised art event to one with a huge national and international profile. Often thought of as the most prestigious art award in the UK, its prize money is not the largest (see: Paul Hamlyn Foundation). An annual award of

The Rootstein Hopkins Foundation

Founded as a registered Charity in 1990, RHF's activities include financial support to art institutions, individual artists, students, lecturers and designers. Trustees include artists, who are also respected teachers, designers, a visual arts consultant, and an accountant. Candidates who will make the best use of the Grants to further their careers and who can demonstrate three years continual residence in the UK up to the date of the application are selected each year by open submission for three project strands. Each year the Grants focus on a specific area of practice (eg, in 2005, drawing).

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation

Small Grants Programme: Awards up to

The Jerwood Foundation

The Jerwood Foundation inaugurated this event in 1993 to 'celebrate the vitality and excellence of painting in this country' and is one of the most valuable awards in the country, at

The Hunting Art Prizes

Seven cash prizes for First and Second prize, Young Artist (under 25), Runner Up (under 25), Print & Drawing, Most Popular Painting and Outstanding Regional Entry are available, ranging from

The Fenton Arts Trust

The Trust was founded in 1989 and aims to give encouragement and financial support to those actively contributing to the creative arts in the U.K. It seeks to assist, through grants and bursaries, individuals and groups who are making a worthwhile contribution to the artistic and cultural life of this country. The Trust has three objectives: to support final year or postgraduate students through the award of scholarships or bursaries; to provide grants which will support or reward work or performance by individuals early in their careers, and to provide grants for institutions or organisations which have the same aims.

The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Support for Arts, Education and Social welfare projects. Registered Charities, community groups, schools, arts organisations, artists can apply. Up to

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