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Fund for Artists Matching Commission Grants

For San Francisco and San Mateo county arts organizations wishing to commission new work by Bay Area artists.

Fund For Artists Awards for Choreographers

Given through World Arts West for choreographers auditioning for the SF Ethnic Dance Festival.

Fund for Artists Arts Teachers Fellowships

For middle and senior high school art teachers in San Francisco county. Go to

Southern California artist opportunity

The City of Santa Monica Arts Commission seeks two Southern California artists for two parking structure wall public art projects. Budget: $100,000 (design & fabrication) for each wall Malina Moore Public Art Coordinator Deadline: Friday, February 22, 2008, (5:00pm)

$100,000 PUBLIC SCULPTURE COMPETITION - January 15, 2008

This is a commission to create a site-specific sculpture in Pomona, New York - 25 miles north of New York City. Up to five finalists will be selected from those applying to submit a full proposal. Finalists will receive an honorarium. For full application Contact Julianne Ramos Rockland County Arts in Public Places Program Rockland Center for the Arts 27 S Greenbush Rd West Nyack NY 10994 845-358-0877x13 845-358-0971(FAX)

36th Annual St. Clair Art Fair

Original Work Only - No Kit Work - All Media. See Application for perks, times, important info.

International Video Art Competition - AQUART 2008: "Our Life in the Oceans:2108"

AQUARK invites all artists to imagine, visualize and present their vision of our life in the oceans in the year 2108. An international committee of Art History professors, Video Art experts and Film directors will screen the submissions and will select the twenty best works to be presented in Gran Canaria in May 2008. These works will be presented in open air giant screens on the roads /squares of Palma capital of Gran Canaria and the three best will be awarded in the Gala dinner of the General Assembly of the Federation of European Aquaculture Producers (FEAP) in Lopesan-Costa Meloneras hotel in Maspalomas Gran Canaria.

Griffin Museum of Photography

Entrants must be or become members of the Griffin Museum of Photography at the time of submission.

ISC Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture

Each year, the International Sculpture Center presents an award competition to its member colleges and universities. The competition is designed to support, encourage, and recognize the work of young sculptors and their schools faculty and art program. Professors are invited to nominate up to 3 of their outstanding undergraduate or graduate students to submit digital images of their work. A panel of artists, arts professionals, and educators will select the winners. In order to participate in the competition, Universities must be current ISC members. University Membership costs $200 for national universities or $220 for international universities, and includes a number of benefits, including subscriptions to Sculpture magazine, the ability to send 3 representatives to ISC conferences, inclusion in the ISCs online directory of sculpture programs, and more.

Resurrection: A New Look at Old Photographic Processes

This exhibition seeks to explore a renewed interest in alternative photographic processes. We are looking for artists who are using photographic methods and techniques of the nineteenth century such as photograms, tintypes, daguerreotypes, gum bichromates, collodian prints, toned silver prints, and more.

5th Annual VMRC Juried Multimedia Art Exhibition

Venue: Park Gables Gallery Awards: $5,000 + Jurors: William Bennett, MFA; Jerry Coulter, MFA; James Crable, HDA, MFA Eligibility: Must live in United States

Fiction, Lies, and Evasion

We are seeking works exploring art's ability to tell stories; particularly stories of a personal, religious, or ideological nature.

The Artist's Magazine Annual Art Competition

Enter the 25th Annual Art Competition for a chance to win more than $25,000 in cash prizes

Jackpot Grants

February 15, 2008 (for projects April 1-June 30, 2008) May 15, 2008 (for projects July 1-Sept 30, 2008) Eligible Applicants: an individual artist applying in this category must be a practicing artist, be a Nevada resident for at least twelve month prior to the date of application, be at least 21 years old and not be a degree-seeking student. Jackpot Grants are awarded on a quarterly schedule to eligible individual artists to support new or exemplary arts projects. Jackpots Grants for up to $1,000 are awarded to Nevada artists to support activities that help further their careers.

Governor's Arts Awards (GAA) Visual Arts Commission

Postmark Deadline Fall 2008 GAA Visual Arts Commission application is being revised - it will be able in August 2008 Eligible Applicants: an individual artist applying in this category must be a practicing artist, be a Nevada resident for at least twelve month prior to the date of application, be at least 21 years old and not be a degree-seeking student. GAA Visual Arts Commission each year, NAC offers a $3,500 commission for the creation of seven works of art that is presented to the recipients during the GAA ceremony.


Postmark Deadline March 3, 2008 Eligible applicants: the master artist and apprentice must apply together. Both should be from the same cultural group and working within the traditions of that group. The master artist must be a Nevada resident and 21 years of age. At least one apprentice (if there is more than one) must be a Nevada resident; if there is a single apprentice, he, or she must be a Nevada resident. Folklife Apprenticeship Program funds master traditional artists to pass on their skills and knowledge to talented apprentices from the same cultural group. Twelve apprenticeship grants for up to $2,500 are awarded per year. Projects generally start in July and end the following June.

Better Education Through the Arts (BETA) GrantS

February 15, 2008 (for projects April 1-June 30, 2008) May 15, 2008 (for projects July 1-Sept 30, 2008) Eligible applicants: anyone whose work involves the implementation of arts education, for example, teaching artist, librarian, health care worker, parks personnel, social service worker, arts/education administrator, and so on. Better Education Through the Arts (BETA) a quarterly grant that provides funding up to $750 in two categories: Professional Development for Individuals and Arts Education Small Projects Grants for Organizations and Individuals.

The Artist in Residence (AIR) Program

Goals of the Artist in Residence Program · Facilitate opportunities for professional artists to work in school and community settings · Facilitate opportunities for students of all ages and abilities to develop skills, knowledge, and appreciation in and of the arts · Facilitate opportunities for teachers of the arts to expand their skills and knowledge · Facilitate opportunities for teachers of non-arts subjects to learn how to strengthen teaching and learning across the curriculum through arts integration techniques Payment of Residency Artists The fixed wage and per diem requirements for AIR Roster artists have been eliminated. Applicants will be required to provide a 'minimum' wage for artists (currently $40/hour). Beyond the minimum wage, however, artists will be allowed to negotiate their own financial arrangements, including wages, travel, per diem, and housing. Residency Requirements To create residencies that best fulfill the needs of their constituents, NAC-imposed programmatic requirements, e.g. length of residency, hours per week, studio space, mid-point assessment, teacher in-service, community outreach, etc. is not required. It is up to the sponsor, the artist and the planning committee to determine what kind of residency would result in the desired outcomes. Residency design should be a collaborative process between artists and sponsors. The AIE Program allows for residencies to be designed for effectiveness and are not conformed to a specific time period. Residencies should provide opportunities for participants to witness and/or participate in the artistic process and offer interactive workshops, lectures, discussions, classroom lessons, teacher training, rehearsals, performances, etc. Typically the sponsor applying for an AIR grant through the Arts in Education Program contacts artists to discuss the residency fees, plan, goals and outcomes. AIR Roster artists should work directly with students, teachers and other populations, which may include cultural institutions, youth organizations, prisons, libraries, senior centers, businesses, etc. AIR sponsors are not required to use artists on our AIR Roster, but are required to substantiate qualifications of non-roster artists on their AIR Grant application. School Residencies In a pre K-12 school setting, residencies will only be funded if they supplement an existing program or provide a service that certified teachers typically cannot offer. It is the applicant organization’s responsibility to make an extremely compelling case otherwise. In any event, artists working under an AIR grant in a pre K-12 setting may never work with students without the supervision of a teacher unless they receive the expressed written consent from the school’s principal. We do encourage AIR Roster artists to market themselves to existing and potential sponsors throughout Nevada. AIE staff is available to assist AIR Roster artists in this effort.

Touring Monthly Strategic Grant

Touring Monthly Strategic Grant supports 60% of the artistic fees (maximim $5,000) for organizations to present eligible performing artists. The intent of the program is to support artists touring to locations outside their home base. Performing artists must be selected from Missouri Touring Performers or programs of Missouri artists on the rosters of Kansas City and St. Louis Young Audiences.

Capacity Building Monthly Strategic Grant

Capacity Building Monthly Strategic Grant (formerly Technical Assistance) helps nonprofit organizations develop defined administrative, artistic, and technical skills. Organizations may apply to attend conferences or seminars; to produce a conference or workshops; for consultant or contractor; or other capacity building projects, for example, services, equipment, computers, and publications. Maximum request depends upon the type of project. Multiple applications may be submitted. Total maximum grant awarded is $10,000 per eligible organization per fiscal year.

Mini Grants

Mini Grants provides project support for small arts groups and rural-based organizations through a less complicated application process. The maximum request is $2,000.

Folk Arts Program

Folk Arts Program provides financial support for projects that perpetuate and present the folk arts of the state. Folk arts are defined as the living, functional and expressive arts of everyday people passed down informally by word of mouth or imitation within close-knit groups.

Arts Education Program grant and professional development programs

Arts Education Program grant and professional development programs are designed to strengthen the place of the arts as a core academic subject in the regular school curriculum, and to promote integrating the arts into non-arts classrooms and in out of school programs. MAC works with Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to ensure that these programs support student achievement. Grant categories follow: Artist in Residence is designed to strengthen school arts programs and allows artists to work with students, teachers, parents, and community members through a variety of activities. Out of School supports quality arts education programs for school-aged youth that are at-risk, urban, and/or rural underserved. Activities must take place outside of the normal classroom day. Professional Development supports projects that provide learning opportunities, such as presenting qualified speakers to teachers, school administrators, and teaching artists.

Community Arts Program

Community Arts Program provides operational and project support to non-metropolitan community arts agencies that foster the long-term cultural development of a community and offer programs in more than one art discipline (other restrictions apply). For FY09, MAC will accept CAP Basic Support applications. FY09 is the “off year” for CAP Project and Operating Support.

Minority Arts Program

Minority Arts Program provides project support for arts projects created by or targeted to people of diverse cultures through the same disciplines as listed above. This grant gives funding priority to minority-managed organizations with minority-developed arts focused projects. For the purpose of this grant program, minorities are communities identified as African American, Asian American, Latino/Hispanic and Native American. For FY09, MAC will accept Minority Arts Program applications for 2-year review cycle.

Discipline Program Assistance

Discipline Program Assistance provides project support for a variety of arts activities in eight disciplines: Dance, Electronic Media Arts, Festivals, Literature, Multidiscipline, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts. For FY09, MAC will accept Dance, Theater, and Visual Arts applications. FY09 is the “off year” for Electronic Media Arts, Festivals, Literature, Multidiscipline, and Music categories. Applicants interested in applying for project support in these disciplines are encouraged to apply to the Mini Grant program (monthly deadline).

The Sprint Foundation

deadline 1/11/2011 Support visual and performing arts organizations, theater, symphonies, museums and other cultural organizations and activities with effective outreach programs that broaden cultural experiences for the general public, particularly youth and non-traditional audiences. For more information visit web site. Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

Curatorial Research and Project Grants

Curatorial Research and Project Grants deadline 3/31/2008 Etant donnes: The French-American Fund for Contemporary Art offers financial support in the form of grants to American nonprofit institutions organizing exhibitions, installations, artist residencies, publications, or other projects by living French artists or to French nonprofit institutions presenting the same types of projects involving American artists. Qualifying projects may be in the fields of visual arts, architecture and design. The Fund, established in 1994 with the French Ministries of Culture and Foreign Affairs, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States, and FACE (French American Cultural Exchange), with support from the Florence Gould Foundation, has distributed nearly 2 million dollars to support more than 200 projects at major French and American institutions. Since 2005, Etant Donnés also offers Curatorial Research Grants supporting the professional development of American curators by offering them extended stays of up to three months in France for research projects in the field of contemporary art. The grants are intended to facilitate the discovery of new talents, reinforce interest in established contemporary artists, and encourage the exploration of France's cultural resources. Eligible projects may include research for an exhibition or publication, travel to visit specific sites and collections, an intensive period of reading or writing or other projects that support professional development. The grants are reserved for curators and scholars, who must be U.S. citizens or legal residents of the United States for at least five years who have a minimum of three years of research or professional experience in the field and are currently employed by or have a specific project in collaboration with a nonprofit art space. Grants are awarded through an open competition administered by the Etant donnes Fund. Applications are reviewed by the Etant donnes Artistic Committee, composed of prominent curators, art critics and arts administrators. Completed applications must be received on or before March 31st of each year, for projects beginning after June 1st. We regret that incomplete or late applications cannot be accepted for consideration. Complete guidelines and application forms are available online. Additional information is available from the Fund at: Etant donnés: The French-American Fund for Contemporary Art 972 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10075 Tel 212 439-1448 Fax 212 439-1460 contemporaryart@facecouncil.org

New Generations Program: Future Collaborations

deadline 3/17/2008 Travel grants of $3,000 will be awarded in spring/summer seasons to theaters and theater professionals for unrestricted international travel, enabling them to share ideas and techniques and/or collaborate with their colleagues around the world. Applicant theater companies must meet the following requirements: -501(c)(3) status -Location within the US or its territories -Professional orientation and high artistic standards -Full-time salaried employment of professional artists and administrators -Minimum of three years prior existence as a non-profit professional theater organization -Consortiums and educational institutions are not eligible to apply For more information on the New Generations Program—Future Collaborations , contact David Nugent, Artistic Programs Associate, at (212)609-5900, ext. 264, or email dnugent@tcg.org.

21st Century Museum Professionals

deadline 3/15/2008 The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) is calling for grant applications from museums, museum service organizations, and universities for proposals that will enhance the professional development of museum staff. The 21st Century Museum Professionals grants are intended to have an impact upon multiple institutions by reaching broad groups of museum professionals throughout cities, counties, states, regions, or the nation. An applicant must 1. be either a unit of state or local government or a private nonprofit organization that has tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code 2. be located in one of the 50 states of the United States of America, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the Virgin Islands, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia, or the Republic of Palau Duration of a Grant Project activities may be carried out for a period of up to 3 years. Project Start Date Projects may begin no earlier than October 1, 2008, and no later than December 1, 2008. Projects must begin on the first day of the month. Amount of Grant -Grant award amounts range from $15,000-$500,000. -IMLS will review and negotiate budgets as necessary. -IMLS may award an amount less than that requested by an applicant. Please note that applicants may submit only one application for funding through 21MP for each application deadline.

International Artist Residencies/2008-Hungary

deadline 3/25/2008 Call for artists - A.I.R. International Artists Residencies/FilmFest -Summer 2008- Hungary The Hungarian Multicultural Center is currently accepting applications for the Csopak/Balatonfured - International Artist/Writer Residencies and FilmFest Program Dates: Tuesday, May 20 - Thursday, June 12, 2008 Thuesday, June 17 - Thursday, July 10, 2008 Tuesday, July 15 - Thursday, August 7, 2008 Submission Deadline: Tuesday, March 25, 2008 FilmFest Dates: August 5-6, 2008 Submission Deadline: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 The HMC invites interested visual artists, musicians, film makers and writers to submit application for its residency/FilmFest -2008. Exhibition/FilmFest are arranged at Congress Center, Balatonfured. Great opportunity for artists:
Culture is the true identity power. In this context the major role of the artists is to promote through art cultural
diversity and preserve common values. Intercultural dialogue through art is an important instrument. Art is not a means - art is a space in which everything is possible, in which different times, subjects and objects, sometimes divergent,
coexist. And not just coexist, but communicate and create values. Through art, culture, tolerance, initiating a dialogue among nations, among various artistic expressions, a real dialog among real people. Culture communicates in the
language of heart, which is understood by everybody. For artists, communication is essential – both with the audience
– the art consumer, and with representatives of national and international art groups. For application form or questions please write to bszechy@yahoo.com

Visual Arts Resource Guide

deadline 11/11/2011 The Austin Visual Arts Association proudly presents the 2005 Visual Arts Resource Guide! Designed specifically for the needs of Texas artists, this year¹s guide features local, state and national arts resources, media & political contact information, informative articles, an artists¹ directory, a new, easier-to-use format, and original artwork by Austin printmakers. It¹s the one resource an artist really needs! To order your copy, visit www.avaaonline.org and click on Arts Resource Guide. The cost for the 2005 Guide is $10. Proceeds benefit AVAA, a 501 C3 Nonprofit, serving the contemporary arts since 1977. Order now while supplies last. Thank you for supporting the arts in Texas!

New Master's in Community Arts

deadline 1/1/2011 In summer 2005 the Maryland Institute College of Art will enroll the first class of students in a new master of arts in community arts degree program. Administered by MICA's nationally recognized Center for Art Education, the MA in community arts provides a unique credential for visual artists who wish to pursue a career in art based youth and community development. The goal of the program is to provide graduates with insights, skills and experience that will enable them to be effective community arts professionals

Announcement for the Accessibility Planning and Resource Guide

Announcement for the Accessibility Planning and Resource Guide deadline 1/1/2011 The National Arts and Disability Center (NADC) would like to inform you about a new online document entitled, Accessibility Planning and Resource Guide for Cultural Administrators. The National Arts and Disability Center at the University of California Los Angeles under contract and in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts, and the National Assembly of State Arts Agencies produced this online companion to the printed text Design for Accessibility: A Cultural Administrator's Handbook (2003). The Guide provides guidance to cultural administrators on how to achieve accessible and inclusive programming for everyone including individuals with disabilities and older adults. It is designed to help your organization not only comply with Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act but also to assist in making access an integral part of your organization, including its staffing, mission, budget, education, meetings, programs and beyond. The Guide outlines a step-by-step 'nuts and bolts' process for achieving accessible practices by setting the standard and illustrating how cultural organizations can make it happen. It features examples of 'best practices' that illustrate specific methods for opening existing programs, services, facilities, and activities to individuals with disabilities and older adults, as artists, arts administrators, board members, volunteers, teachers, students and audience members. This online text takes advantage of Internet technology by presenting and linking to a wide variety of resources that assist cultural organizations. It is also provides necessary information to enable arts and humanities service organizations to assist their grantees/constituents in achieving accessible programming. The Accessibility Planning and Resource Guide for Cultural Administrators is available in Portable Document Format (PDF).

Membership offer for Texas filmmakers

deadline 9/9/2009 Texas filmmakers, join the Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers today! You will receive THE INDEPENDENT magazine and a group of benefits essential to working professional! You will get TWO MONTHS FREE if you join through this offer. Just type 'TXfilm ' in the field marked 'Previous member number for renewal' Join Now!

Piney Woods Arts Internship

deadline 5/25/2008 Piney Woods Fine Arts Association General Management Internship Office 936-544-4276 Fax 936-546-0927 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Monday - Friday pwfaa@valornet.com www.pwfaa.org Piney Woods Fine Arts Association P.O. Box 1213 603 East Goliad Suite 203 Crockett, Texas 75835 Contact : Bryan Lake, Executive Director Janae Whitehead, Executive Assistant Start Date: Negotiable (Late May to First September 2008) Schedule: Negotiable / Minimum 24 hours per week We are looking for an intern to work in our office for the Summer with a possibility of a full time position in our Crockett Texas office. There will be local lodging and a negotiated stipend involved, but intention is for this position to also be awarded school credit for your work with us, if your school is open to such arrangements. This is a great opportunity to learn the ins and outs of an award winning community Arts Organization while working in the professional entertainment world and gaining knowledge and experience in Arts Management. Internship has the potential to grow in to salaried position. Interns will be involved in the booking, publicity, and management campaigns for our artists, including creating and compiling promotional materials, media/venue outreach, administrative duties, etc. Interns will assist the staff in all aspects of management, fundraising, marketing and press, back stage and front of house management. Interns will have direct contact with industry-leading producers, managers, and artists. Must be extremely reliable, eager to learn, and work well under pressure. Must posses excellent communication skills (written + oral), computer knowledge, interest in performing and visual arts, and lots of creativity. Must be detail oriented, hard working, highly organized and computer savvy. Those with a working knowledge of the technical aspects of the theater are preferred, but not required. Applications will be accepted until position is filled.

The Grant Institute: Certificate in Professional Program Development and Grant Communication

deadline 4/21/2008 Houston, Texas, April 21 - 25, 2008 Interested development professionals, researchers, faculty, and graduate students should register as soon as possible, as demand means that seats will fill up quickly. All participants will receive certification in professional grant writing from the Institute, as well as 3.5 CEU units. The Grant Institute: Certificate in Professional Program Development and Grant Communication is a five-day intensive and interactive experience in which participants will be led through the program development, grant writing, and funding acquisition processes through the completion of four courses. The Grant Institute is not a seminar. Participants will actively engage in exercises and activities designed to strengthen their mastery of grant acquisition. Through the completion of varying assignments, students will leave The Grant Institute with a real grant proposal outline complete with quality research, solid content, and expert review. The Grant Institute focuses on combining the fundamentals of grant proposal writing with expert knowledge of communication principles such as Strategic Research, Persuasion, Argumentation, and Framing. The Grant Institute trainers and consultants do not merely lecture participants, but act as personal consultants and coaches dedicated to encouraging participants to succeed beyond their own expectations. While The Grant Institute uses collaboration and small groups for many exercises, each participant will work on their organization's project. Participants are not overwhelmed with negativity or discouragement, but will be given the highest level of expertise to generate confidence in pursuing any funding project. At The Grant Institute, participants don't just learn to write grant proposals from top to bottom. Participants become specialists in our unique area of expertise: Grant Communication. Simply put, this is not your grandfather's grant writing workshop. Our graduates are strategic, innovative, and confident. Whether you are new to professional grant writing, or an experienced professional, you will not want to miss The Grant Institute. Registration $997.00 tuition includes all materials and certificates. Registration Methods 1) On-Line: www.thegrantinstitute.com (under Register Now) 2) By Phone: (888) 824 - 4424 3) By E-mail: Send an e-mail with your name, organization, and basic contact information to info@thegrantinstitute.com

2008 CODA Conference: Creating Craft Consumers, Collectors & Leaders

deadline 4/10/2008 Each year CODA holds an annual conference in a different location providing an opportunity to network with peers, learning about national trends and issues, and to experience local craft/art projects and venues as well as hearing from national speakers. Each conference host determines a current and relative theme tied to contemporary issues in craft. Sessions are developed around this theme and local/regional and national speakers and presenters are asked to participate. The conferences feature interactive panel discussions, professional development workshops and peer networking sessions. This years conference will be held in Little Rock, Arkansas April 10 - 13 Hosts: Arkansas Arts Center and Arkansas Arts Council Sponsors: American Craft Council, Morris Foundation, The CraftsReport, and Ozark Folk Center State Park

West African Performing Arts Intensive Course

deadline 4/15/2008 Take a one-month Intensive Course in West African Performing Arts in Africa! Artists and students from around the world will come together this summer to study West African Performing Arts and to explore and train in the origins of West African dance, rhythm and story telling and contemporary African popular entertainment, including African circus skills and masked dancing. The programme will conclude with a final public performance piece. You will learn about the history and context of West African performance – and you’ll have time to explore the town and create and relax on the Atlantic Ocean! The course will take place in Kartong, a village on the coast of The Gambia. Participants will receive a certificate in West African Performance from the University of The Gambia, and 15 university credits. For more information or an application, email Programme Director Emily Eller at emily.eller@gmail.com

Call for artists - A.I.R. International Artists Residencies-Summer 2008- BUDAPEST, Hungary

deadline 3/25/2008 Call for artists - A.I.R. International Artists Residencies-Summer 2008- BUDAPEST, Hungary The Hungarian Multicultural Center is currently accepting applications for the Budapest/Balatonfured - International Artist/Writer Residencies and FilmFest Program Dates: Tuesday, May 20 - Thursday, June 11; Monday, June 16 - Tuesday, July 08; Tuesday, July 15 - Wednesday, August 6; Submission Deadline: Tuesday, March 25, 2008 The HMC invites interested visual artists, musicians, film makers and writers to submit application for its residency/FilmFest -2008. Exhibition/FilmFest are arranged.

Watershed Studios

The Watershed Studios and Sculpture Garden in Houston, Texas 77007 is a multi-disciplinary Artists colony with commercial-work and residential-living spaces. Its current use is slanted toward industrial arts production. There are six studios (starting at 600 square feet), two residential studios, a sculpture garden, and an outdoor common area. Wood and metal fabrication facilities are available.

Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education

deadline 1/11/2011 A 450-acre nature preserve near Philadelphia seeks the work of professional artists for exhibition and artist-in-residence opportunities. Selected artists will receive an honorarium, studio space and a housing stipend. Send SASE to Art Programs, Schuylkill Center, 8480 Hagy's Mill Rd., Philadelphia, PA 19128 or visit web site. Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

2008 Paint the Parks Competition and Exhibition

deadline 5/31/2008 The 2008 Paint the Parks100 Competition and the Paint the Parks “Mini50” provide the country’s top national venue for established and emerging representational artists to showcase their talents. The competition celebrates our country’s national parks, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the National Parks Foundation

Go Green

deadline 5/2/2008 The Main Street Gallery is seeking submissions for a large scale installation on the environment. The exhibition will be called 'GO GREEN' to take place on June 12 - July 20, 2008. Artists and general public worldwide can participate by sending in handwritten or typed words in any language about the environment. The paper can be either rolled, folded, scrap, colored or uneven preferably recycled and no larger than 8.5' x 11' (22cm x 28cm). Drawings or photographs can be part of the work. No painting will be accepted. Please put your name and where you are from in the lower right hand corner of your submission. The handling fee is $10. Outside the US, money orders in US currency will only be accepted. The work will not be returned, since it will be part of a larger installation. The complete space of the gallery will become an installation where one message is heard 'GO GREEN'. The aim of this show is to let the public voice their concerns about the environment. If there is enough response, this installation will become a touring exhibition. The work will not be insured. All work will be accepted and displayed. The deadline date for submissions is MAY 2ND, but please do not wait for the deadline to submit. Send in fee plus work to The Main Street Gallery, 105 Main Street, P.O. Box 161, Groton, NY 13073, USA.

Go Green

deadline 5/2/2008 The Main Street Gallery is seeking submissions for a large scale installation on the environment. The exhibition will be called 'GO GREEN' to take place on June 12 - July 20, 2008. Artists and general public worldwide can participate by sending in handwritten or typed words in any language about the environment. The paper can be either rolled, folded, scrap, colored or uneven preferably recycled and no larger than 8.5' x 11' (22cm x 28cm). Drawings or photographs can be part of the work. No painting will be accepted. Please put your name and where you are from in the lower right hand corner of your submission. The handling fee is $10. Outside the US, money orders in US currency will only be accepted. The work will not be returned, since it will be part of a larger installation. The complete space of the gallery will become an installation where one message is heard 'GO GREEN'. The aim of this show is to let the public voice their concerns about the environment. If there is enough response, this installation will become a touring exhibition. The work will not be insured. All work will be accepted and displayed. The deadline date for submissions is MAY 2ND, but please do not wait for the deadline to submit. Send in fee plus work to The Main Street Gallery, 105 Main Street, P.O. Box 161, Groton, NY 13073, USA.

Stephen F. Austin Mural

deadline 4/21/2008 Commissioner Jerry Patterson & The Texas General Land Office are commissioning an original artwork to commemorate Stephen F. Austin's life and importance to Texas, as well as his connection to the history of the agency. Proposals should include the following: -a brief narrative describing how you would approach the project. -a resume -a concept sketch -a completed Proposal Form Compensation: A fee of $1,000 will be paid to the artist to produce a study. A fee of $14,000 will be paid to the artist for the artwork. One half of this fee ($7,000) will be paid when the artwork is approximately 50 percent complete. The remaining fee ($7,000) will be paid when the artwork is completed, delivered and accepted.

Deep in the Art of Texas

deadline 4/5/2008 SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: The Texas Museum of Fiber Arts fosters education and creativity in fiber art expression, experience, and appreciation and exists to generate expressions in fiber arts of all kinds with an emphasis on fiber arts education with established and emerging Texas artists and art made from Texas commodities: natural and man made fibers. In keeping with the mission of the TMFA to educate and exhibit excellence in Texas’ fiber arts for Texans to see and to reflect a wide range of original fiber art works, we call for entries. ELIGIBILITY: All submissions must be original in content and executed in a fiber arts technique or process. Applicant must be currently living in Texas, or born in Texas, or attending, attended, or graduated from a Texas educational institution. APPLICATION: Two slides or two photos must accompany an official, completed application for each work. Artists may submit one to three works. An application must be attached to each submission. SELECTION: A Juror will review submitted slides or photos for the overall artistic quality and process of qualified artists and select the works to be exhibited. REQUIREMENTS and CONDITIONS: All submissions must be original work in concept, design, or process and must be completely ready for installation. Individual or collaborative entries are accepted. Submitted images, photos, or slides of the work or artist become the property of the TMFA and will not be returned. If a self-addressed envelope is provided, efforts will be made to return the photos.

Of Women

deadline 3/26/2008 Open to all women artists who are RAA members or who have previously exhibited with RAA. The exhibition is open to all medium without limitation and seeks to bring the viewer into the unique world of women in all their aspects, intonations and hues. Subjects should include images of women, and may highlight mother and child. (The show will run over Mother’s Day.) Media may include: photography, painting, textile arts, poetry, music, sculpture, video/film, watercolor, drawing, digital art and more. 3/26 Deadline for receipt of entries 4/3 Jury notification 4/10 Postal delivery of accepted work 4/12 Hand delivery of accepted work 4/19 Exhibition opens 4/27 Opening reception 5/20 Exhibition closes 5/20 Pick up work

INFORMATION of the Artist in Residence Program in Hungary

deadline 3/25/2008 INFORMATION of the Artist in Residence Program in Hungary International Artist Residencies, Budapest/Balatonfured/A.I.R. Dates: Tuesday, May 20 - Thursday, June 12; Thuesday, June 17 - Thursday, July 10; Tuesday, July 15 - Thursday, August 7, 2008 Hungarian Multicultural Center, Inc. (HMC) is an award winning 501©3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting international art and the understanding of world cultures, through high quality art exhibitions, cultural exchanges and related educational programs. Based in Dallas and Budapest, the organization operates throughout the world. Incorporated in 1990, HMC has already received awards for artistic merit from the Hungarian National Art Found and Embassy of the United States of America, Budapest among others. The HMC's projects (exhibitions, seminars, lectures, and educational programming) focus on international art works as embodiments of individual artist's visions, which are understood to be informed--to a varying extent--by personal, local and global cultural influences on the artist. AIR is an international meeting point for the arts. Its aim is to support and encourage contemporaryartistic creation, research and debate. One of HMC's main activities is its Artist in Residence Program. The purpose of this program is to offer a platform to promote the exchange of artistic discourses from artists with different artistic backgrounds and from different geographical origins. The program is designed to encourage the exchange of ideas in order to broaden creative horizons. By encouraging this cultural diversity, we also hope to be able to update the debate between the artists themselves and between other professionals from the art world and the general public. HMC considers art as a dynamic social force that is capable of inspiring individuality and of defining groups. Our Artist in Residence Program also includes exhibitions, artist talks, film, workshops and other activities. HMC is planning and exchange program with other European Artist in Residence Program, so that the resident artists would be able to get in touch with other artistic centers. The current problems that have arisen from a lack of understanding of the varying cultures around the world today and it becomes even more apparent that HMC's projects address a number of very important needs. Visual art -- one of the few languages that transcends all boundaries -- offers a way to understand not only ourselves and one another, but it offers a venue for greatness, which must be supported if we as a civilization are to move forward. This is HMC's goal. After our 10 years anniversary we have published a book. The book includes all artists at the HMC's residencies, ntroductory by Dr. Geller Katalin-art historian. The book cost $16.00 + shipping and handling $4.00. The HMC invites interested visual artists and writers to submit application for its residency programs in Hungary. Its principal focus is an international residency program to which artists from around the world are invited. The goal is to provide a supportive community with uninterrupted time to work. The residencies offer participants a unique opportunity to interact with other artists representing a variety of cultures and backgrounds. Accepted applicants are expected to speak and understand English. Approximately 12 - 12 (total 36) artists are invited for each section. The residence offers 2 beds per room/bath as living quarters. Studio, room, breakfast and lunch, transportation to Balatonfured, exhibition and site seeing are included in the cost $1,550 (EURO$1,050). Artist must share the studio with other artists. Exhibition: The location of the exhibition and the final final contents of donated work must be decided after due consultation between the program director and the artist. If successful applicant wish to be accompanied by family members or an assistant, it is necessary to consult with HMC beforehand. Expected artists are give at least one informal public slide presentation about their work during their stay at the HMC and to leave one piece of work made during the residency as a donation to the HMC. Exhibition will be arranged. Also, we are organizing an exhibition for the 2006, 2007 participants at Vizivarosi Gallery, Budapest in June-July 2008. While HMC does not provide funding for residencies, we are helping to facilitate the creation of programs and support the cost of the exhibitions. We encourage the applicants to apply for a grant or scholarship and get in touch with official institutions. APPLICATION AND SELECTION PROCESS March 25/08: entry form, slides, fee and S.A.S.E. deadline March 28/08: Accepted/Rejected notification cards mailed Eligibility: Open to all professional artists Requested: application form, DVD/CD or video, resume, statement for writers 5 pages sample writing your plan to do at the AIR Entry Fee: $35 Accepted artists application materials will be retained at HMC.

Derivative Composition

deadline 3/21/2008 VSA arts is seeking visual artists with disabilities whose work is inspired by the performing arts. There is no entry fee. Work must have a visual component. Eligible media include, but are not limited to two-dimensional and three-dimensional art (painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, textile, glass, etc.) Applicants from a wide range of practices, such as digital arts, installation, and time-based media, are also encouraged to apply. Open to artists (ages 18 and over) who are committed to their artistic progress and who have a physical, cognitive, or mental disability. Learn more about the theme Derivative Composition by visiting www.vsarts.org.

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