David Brooks

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David Brooks
Upside Down Boardwalk, 2008
Pressure treated lumber, hardware
274.3 x 137.2 x 229 cm

David Brooks
Trophic Pyramid, 2010
Concrete, perlite, metal and cement dye
213.4 x 305 x 244 cm

David Brooks
Still Life With Stampede and Guano, 2011
Concrete animal forms that lived with wild seabirds, guano, varnish
Dimensions variable

David Brooks
Disappearing Parking Curbs With Work Lamp, 2008
Concrete, gold leaf, rebar, work lamp
137.2 x 152.4 x 183 cm

David Brooks
Unfinished Section Of Sidewalk With Palms, 2008
Concrete, rebar, dracaena arborea tree
61 x 61 x 45.7 cm



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