Ida Ekblad

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Ida Ekblad
The L, The LL, The Lapis Lazuli, 2010
Cast concrete, pigment, found objects
120 x120 x 5 cm

Ida Ekblad’s chance-based art practice is a literal reflection of her peripatetic methodology, a special kind of no-holds-barred urban folk art. The production of her sculptures, paintings, music and poetry revolves around ‘drifts’ taken around the cities in which she will be making the work. Like a scavenger on a mission to extract essential, survival sustenance out of the discarded remains of contemporary culture, Ekblad collects materials on her walks, sifting through piles of rubble from demolished buildings and industrial heaps of metal.

Ida Ekblad
Dubbed, 2010
Concrete, found objects
110 x 90 cm

Ida Ekblad
Night Ocean Return Without And Without Hesitate, 2010
Mixed media, concrete
144 x 123 cm

Her resulting works are exquisitely vibrant, free-associative compositions pairing dissonance with visual inventiveness. She displays a prodigious and playful imagination, referencing the visual language of fellow ‘drifters’, the Situationists or the expressionism of CoBrA painters such as Asger Jorn.

Ida Ekblad
Banging, 2010
Mixed media
110 x 95 cm

Ida Ekblad
Dusty Dry On The Tongue Swallowed Some, 2010
Mixed materials
150 x 100 cm

Some of her works, such as Banging, Dubbed, The L, The LL, The Lapis Lazuli, Night Ocean Return Without and Without Hesitate (all 2010), could almost be called concrete poems - collected refuse objects have been literally embedded into wet panels of the material, finished with an inscription of the artist’s initials at the bottom, nodding to mark-making on actual street art. Similarly, in her sculpture Untitled (2010) discarded scraps of metal have been planted in a concrete pedestal. The heaviness of these pieces contrasts with the delicacy and refined balance of Figurine with Horns, Tennessee Hills and Organ Invention (all 2010), abstract shapes that somehow find completion in the artist’s ambiguous titles.

Ida Ekblad
To Drink A Glass Of Melted Snow, 2010
Oil on canvas
203.5 x 163.5 cm

Ida Ekblad
Missing Pages, 2010
Oil on canvas
160 x 130 cm

Ida Ekblad
Organ Invention, 2010
Welded steel
190 x 210 x 120 cm

Ida Ekblad
Figurine With Horns, 2010
Cast concrete, found objects
265 x 100 x 60 cm

There is something sci-fi and post-apocalyptic about Ekblad’s embrace and presentation of what is essentially humanity’s waste. Equally, there’s an explosive sense of future-retro abstract centripetal release, seen for example in Stalk Gills And Caps Of Goodbye (2009), Dusty Dry On The Tongue Swallowed Some and To Drink A Glass Of Melted Snow (both 2010).
‘Painting to me combines expressions of rhythm, poetry, scent, emotion..... It offers ways to articulate the spaces between words, and I cannot be concerned with its death, when working at it makes me feel so alive.’

Ida Ekblad
Tennessee Hills, 2010
Welded steel, found object
252 x 72 x 20 cm

Ida Ekblad
Loops, 2010
Cast concrete and steel
134 x 82 x 62 cm

Ida Ekblad
Stalk Gills and Caps of Goodbye, 2007
Oil on canvas
140 x 560 cm



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