Jessica Stockholder

Jessica Stockholder
Made of Two Elements, 1990
one: wood, cloth, clothes line, wire lath, oil and acrylic paint <br>two: 3 green light bulbs, light fixture, oil, enamel and acrylic paint, styrofoam, carpet, newspaper, magazines, glue, metal, street lamp shade, cloth and hardware
96.5 x 78.7 x 284.5cm

Jessica Stockholder
#195, JS 263, The Edge of Hot House Glass (#194),

Jessica Stockholder
Bow-tied in the Middle (#273), 1996
Wood, carpet, lamps, blue bulbs, orange boating rope, yellow and orange extension cords, plastic plant pot, terracotta plant pot, concrete, galvanized steel channel, steel cable & hardware, cotton fabric cushions, ribbon, plastic & fresh fruit, yarn
Dimensions variable

Jessica Stockholder
Left: Terry Winters Developmental Surface Model, Right: Jessica Stockholder JS 263,

Jessica Stockholder
Untitled, 1993
Plywood sheet, hardware, acrylic yarn, wire mesh, carpet, clothing, plastic orange, acrylic and oil paints, basket
244 x 195 x 193 cm

Jessica Stockholder
Untitled, 1990
Metal table, glass, enamel paint, newspapers, tennis balls
2 parts: 82 x 92 cm and 143 x 64 cm

Jessica Stockholder
Untitled (#237), 1994
Oil paint, red plastic laundry basket, acrylic yarn, silicone caulking, light fixture
101 x 71 x 53 cm

Jessica Stockholder
Untitled, 1994
Orange garbage pail, galvanized sheet metal, bolts, string, piece of wooden furniture, wood, paper, oil pastel, oil paint, acrylic paint, linoleum tile, electric wires, hinge
96.5 x 157.5 x 152.4 cm



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