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Noble & Webster
Toxic Schizophrenia, 1997
516 UFO caps, lamps and holders, 6mm foamex, vinyl, aerosol
260 x 200 cm

Toxic Schizophrenia is a classic badass tattoo, constructed from 516 little light bulbs. Blaring violently bright and self-indulgent, Tim Noble and Sue Webster take pop art to the extreme, blowing it up in lights like fly-by-night casino chintz. The artist design and make these light paintings themselves, creating a DIY glam that's better than the real thing.

Noble & Webster
Miss Understood And Mr Meanor, 1997
Rubbish, slide projector, wood, light sensor
140 x 70 x 60 cm

Noble & Webster
The Undesirables, 2000
tTash, electric fan, 3 light projectors & coloured gels, smoke machine
approx 200, 600 x 500 cm

Noble & Webster
Puny Undernourished Kid, 2004
40 x multi coloured neon sections 4 x transformers
284 x 180 cm

Tim Noble and Sue Webster have developed their own cult of personality as the enfants terrible of contemporary art. Keeping it real with their affinity to working class culture, their self-portraits have been made from garbage, dead animals, and in the form of Neanderthals.

Their work also includes large electric light drawings of tattoo iconography and bling logos. In Girlfriend From Hell and Puny Undernourished Kid, Noble & Webster combine these aspects of their practice making a further self-referential chapter in their rebel epic.

Noble & Webster
Girlfriend From Hell, 2004
42 x multi coloured neon sections 5 x transformers
280 x 210 cm

Based on two drawings they made early in their career in 1996, Noble & Webster re-work their impoverished doodles in grand-scale neon. Bad-kids-done-good, paying homage to the high art conceptualism of Bruce Nauman, in a media best associated with liquor stores.



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