Selected works by Jonas Burgert

Jonas Burgert


oil on canvas

300 x 280 cm
A fantastical cast of characters, both animal and human, keep watch over a glowing white orb; the prize of the Mondjäger (or "Moon Hunter") referred in the painting's title. The elaborately layered scene, with its dramatic lighting, exotic costumes and sweeping, stage-like staircase, is wonderfully theatrical. "To do something strange, like pick up a planet, it is first necessary to change one's mind and body to become a part of a ritual," says Burgert. "One needs spiritual copies of oneself in order to havea dialogue between one's inner characters."
Jonas Burgert


oil on canvas

300 x 280 cm
Waffenschwestern (or "Weapon Sisters") is a painting about female power, and the polar instincts of intimacy and aggression. Six women are gathered together in a strange environment, their dress and choices of weapon each representative of a different moment in time from prehistory to the present. They sit, squat and stand calmly as if debating some sort of violent offensive, the cue for which will come from the central figure caught within the blue crosshairs. Strange creatures move between them, while behind, on a mazy backdrop of golden, latticed wallpaper, hangs a constellation of spherical forms; a conscious juxtaposition on the artist's part of "the meditative chaos of nature and the interrelated elements of human cultures".

Jonas Burgert's Biography

Jonas Burgert - Biography and Exhibitions - The Saatchi Gallery

Jonas Burgert

Jonas Burgert 's Biography and Exhibitions

Born in Berlin Lives and works in Berlin


Produzentengalerie Hamburg


Rainbow; a painting show, Galerie Sfeir-Semler, Beirut
FRAKTALE IV, tod, Palast der Republik Berlin
Geschichtenerzähler, Hamburger Kunsthalle

1. Berliner Kunstsalon, Arena Berlin

Biennale der Malerei, Stockholm, Schweden
Das mystische Paradoxon in der Bildenden Kunst des 20. Jhts.
Kunsthalle Erfurt
Dis–Positiv, Staatsbank Berlin

Rohkunstbau, Stipendiaten, Berlin
FRAKTALE III, Rohbau U Bahnhof Reichstag Berlin
IX Rohkunstbau, Wasserschloß Groß Leuthen
Hic et Nunc, Villa Manin Passariano, Italien

FRAKTALE II, Pfefferberg Berlin
Nacht der Akademie, Akademie der Künste Berlin

Fraktale Exzerpt, Sophienhöfe Berlin
Kunst am Bau, Lenze Forum, Hameln
FRAKTALE I, Parochialkirche Berlin

Junge Akademie, Akademie der Künste Berlin
Gründung der Ausstellungsreihe FRAKTALE

Junge Akademie, Akademie der Künste Berlin