Selected works by Jonathan Allen

Jonathan Allen
Tommy Angel #8


Archival digital print

122 x 91cm
Jonathan Allen’s bible-thumping alter-ego, Tommy Angel, is a character of seductive grotesquerie: a beguiling hybrid of Deep South evangelist preacher, 70s cheese-bag magician, and Sforzian political svengali. A contemporary carpetbagger for American Fundamentalism, Angel manifests in life-size photographic portraits, and the live performances which emerge from their illusory surfaces, drawing connotations between religious faith, secular magic, and art's hall of mirrors. Provocative entertainment, sleazy showmanship, and charlatan trickery blur as Allen interrogates the religious and political unconscious of our time. Tommy Angel #8 is one of a series of images depicting various magic routines or ‘miracles’, each culled from the shared iconographies of Vegas and Christendom. Parodic and downright pervy, Allen’s ventriloquist act with a Charlie McCarthy Jesus plucked straight from the cross is posed as a freakish Madonna and Child.

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Lives and works in London


1st Singapore Biennale, exhibition, Singapore
Tommy Angel putpocketing performance, Singapore
Tommy Angel, David Risley Gallery, London

Tommy Angel, David Risley Gallery, London
Tommy Angel performance for Duckie, Vauxhall Tavern, London
Tommy Angel performance, Corsica Arts Club

Tommy Angel for Eyes, Lies, Illusions, Cafe de Paris
Tommy Angel performance in assoc. with Hayward Gallery & Cafe de Paris, London

Feint solo exhibition, Deutsche Bank, New York
Second Truths solo exhibition, Site Gallery, Sheffield

The Float in the Sight of Things solo exhibition, Ferens Gallery, Hull , Barcelona

Hot Air solo exhibition, Mappin Gallery, Sheffield


The Dictionary of War, Edition 4 contributor, Berlin
/seconds, issue 4 contributor, Tommy Angel

Tommy Angel performance Tate Britain, London
Scarecrow, Evangelos Averoff Museum, Greece
Smoke and Mirrors, macarts, Birmingham
Circus, Three Colts Gallery, London

Variety international group exhibition, De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea
Tommy Angel performance for Variety, De La Warr Pavilion

Tommy Angel performance for opening of ZOO Art Fair, Regent’s Park Zoo, London
So You’re Afraid Of What? Centrefold group exhibition, Redux Gallery, London
Non-Human David Risley Gallery, group exhibition, London
Centrefold Scrapbook 2nd edition launched at Redux Gallery, London
Mesmer group exhibition, temporarycontemporary, London

Con Art group exhibition at Site Gallery, Sheffield, Glynn Vivian Gallery, Wales
A Night of Performance Magic performance, Lantern Theatre, Sheffield

The Bristol Art Library; Touring exhibition

Quirk group exhibition, Serge Sorokko Gallery New York
StoneTroupers Lovebytes Public Digital Art commission, Sheffield