Selected works by Lucy Skaer

Lucy Skaer
Diagram and Banners (Blood)


Enamel Paint on Paper

220 x 270 cm
The image of a dead man, taken from a newspaper report of a riot in Mexico, lies across the top of a large, banner-like sheet of unstretched paper. A red pool of blood runs from his head, through the pattern of a Chinese bowl, to a flipped image of the same figure beneath resting on a strange grouping of modular building blocks. To Skaer, the corpse represents "a naturally occurring image, the perfect likeness of the living person, and yet fundamentally different." Like the bowl, an object spanning generations of mortality, it is removed from its historical and geographical context to allow the artist to construct a new narrative on a new timescale.
Lucy Skaer
Tragedy No Us Touched Has


Ink on paper

152.4 x 101.6 cm
Tragedy No Us Touched Has relates closely to Diagrams and Banners (Blood). It employs a similar playing card construction, pairing semi-symmetrical images of a human form lifted from photojournalistic imagery, this time a girl injured in the Bloody Sunday protests, with a delicately etched glass bowl. The bowl is drawn in pencil three times, each version layered close atop the other, to attain a blurry, optical appearance. Entwined in a sort of Venn diagram or a heraldic coat of arms, figure and object are associated by colour (the blood on the girl's face is Wedgewood blue) and design (the pattern on her clothes, the markings on its surface).

Lucy Skaer's Biography

Born in 1975, Cambridge
Lives and works in Glasgow and London




A Boat Used As A Vessel, Kunsthalle Basel

Catch This, Longside Gallery, Yorkshire Sculpture Park
The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh
The Siege, Chisenhale Gallery, London

The Sound and the Screen, Schnittraum, Cologne
The Opaque, doggerfisher, Edinburgh
The Problem in Seven Parts, Counter, London

Like A Circle in a Spiral, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow




Leopards In The Temple, Sculpture Center, New York
MOON STAR LOVE, Marcelle Alix, Paris

Turner Prize 2009, Tate Britain

Concrete Shadows, The Changing Room, Stirling
Lucy Skaer and Gabriel Vormstein, Galeria Maisterra Valbuena, Madrid

Scotland & Venice, 52nd Venice Biennale
New Work UK: You and Me, Screening curated by Polly Staple, Whitechapel Gallery, London
Es (the above I), Catalyst Arts, Belfast
Cube at An Tuireann, Portree, Isle of Skye, Touring to Jarnac, France; Cairo, Egypt; Ichinomiya, Japan; Bovlingberg, Denmark.
La femme de nulle parte, - Anita Di Bianco, Sophie Macpherson and Rosalind Nashashibi curated by Lucy Skaer, doggerfisher, Edinburgh

If I Can't Dance, I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution
Editie # 2: Feminist Legacies And Potentials In Contemporary Art Practice, De Appel, Amsterdam
Momentum - Nordic Festival of Contemporary Art, Moss
Minor Characters, Elisabeth Kaufmann, Zurich with Anita DiBianco
Art Statements / Art Basel 06

The Music of the Future, Gasworks, London
Great Value (II), Frankfurter Kunstverein
The British Art Show 6, Baltic, Gateshead, and touring
Platform for Art, London Underground
The world, abridged, Kettle's Yard, Cambridge

Edge of the Real: a painting show, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London

Zenomap, Gagosian, London
Zenomap, Venice Biennale
Beck's Futures, ICA, London and CCA, Glasgow
Two person show with Hanneline Visnes, Isabella Brancolini Arte Contemporanea, Florence
Soft Sun Down, doggerfisher, Edinburgh

A Hundred Flowers, A Hundred Birds, A Hundred Children In Late Spring and Early Summer,
two person show with Hanneline Visnes, CCA, Glasgow
The Best Book About Pessimism I Ever Read, Braunschweig Kunstverein, Germany.

Swift, temporary public artwork, commissioned by Visual Arts Projects, Glasgow