Selected works by Natasha Peel

Natasha Peel
The World’s Local Nomad


Heat-treated Perspex and vinyl-covered plinth

150 x 130 x 100 cm
The title of Natasha Peel’s sculpture - The World’s Local Nomad – introduces the sense of internal contradiction at the heart of the artist’s practice. A local nomad might be an accurate description of the paradoxical identity of the contemporary western individual: technology appears to have blurred national boundaries, making nomads of us all; and yet the baggage of national identity – of the local – seems impossible to fully shake. Peel’s work plays out a formal contradiction too. A square plinth, the traditional sculptural support, rests on the gallery floor; a sheet of transparent, folded Perspex, unconstrained by the plinth’s structure, cascades and dances off to the side, one corner touching the floor, like a toe. Peel uses industrial ovens to heat sheets of Perspex until they become malleable, bending them in a way that retains a sense of the body’s traces. The plinth, meanwhile, is coated in coloured vinyl, its flattened aesthetic recalling not only the early twentieth century abstraction of Russian artists like Malevich and Rodchenko (Peel is herself Russian and lives and works in the UK), but also their appropriation in contemporary branding, in what Peel calls “the institutional fate of the avant-garde.” Peel is particularly interested in the writings of Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, whose definition of ‘liquid modernity’ – the fluid and amorphous condition of contemporary society, as opposed to the old certainties of the past – might be embodied in that wave of Perspex, shimmering and disappearing in the light.

Text by Ben Street

Natasha Peel's Biography

Natasha Peel
Born in 1990, Mari El, Russia
Lives and works in Lancashire, UK


New Sensations, Victoria House, London
In the Office, Saïd Buisness School, Oxford
The Ruskin Degree Show, Old Power Station, Oxford
Façade, The Radcliffe Science Library, Oxford

Misha Breaks Out, Feilden Street, Blackburn
Pirye Prize Shortlist Exhibition, Oxford University Press, Oxford
Interim Show, Old Bookbinders, Oxford
Eclipse of the lines, Dolphin Gallery, St John’s College, Oxford

The Warp and the Weft, Oxford Botanical Gardens
Concept Show Exhibition, The Randolph Hotel, Oxford

A’ Lovely Exhibition, The Pavilion, Church Street, Blackburn