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SELECTED WORKS BY Steven Gontarski

Lying Active (Dying Captive)
Steven Gontarski
Lying Active (Dying Captive)


PVC, polyester wadding, synthetic hair and wood

193 x 193 x 53 cm
The Fourth Prophet (through the eyes of the one left behind) I
Steven Gontarski
The Fourth Prophet (through the eyes of the one left behind) I


Fibreglass and acrylic paint

211.7 x 79.1 x 56.1 cm

Steven Gontarski's BIOGRAPHY

Steven Gontarski
Born Philadelphia, USA in 1972
Lives and works in London


I woke up to the sound of a drum, Gimpel Fils, London
Ob 08, Central Saint Giles, London

Steven Gontarski, Paddington Central, Phase II, London

Sculptures, Gimpel Fils, London
Portraits, Changing Role, Rome
Obélisques CC/BS, Nouveaux Commanditaires, Chaucenne, France

Steven Gontarski, pkm gallery, Seoul
Steven Gontarski, Changing Role, Naples
Day of St George, White Cubicle - George and Dragon, London
Steven Gontarski - Centre d’Art Mobile, L’Eglise de Fouvent et Roche en Haute-Saône

The Visitors, Groninger Museum, Groningen

December Morning Prophecy, White Cube, London
Zero, The Economist Plaza, London
Steven Gontarski, Gandy Gallery, Prague

Prophet, Karyn Lovegrove Gallery, Los Angeles
Steven Gontarski, Le Consortium, Dijon

Epsilon Delta, Art at Habitat, Habitat Kensington, London

2001Sun Valley, One in the Other, London

2000Steven Gontarski, White Cube, London
Steven Gontarski. The Unbalance of Boredom, Taché-Lévy Gallery, Brussels
L.A.X., Islington Business and Design Centre, London

1999Nurse, Johnen & Schöttle Gallery, Cologne


Die Neuen Auftraggeber in Frankreich, Galerie fur Zeitgenossische Kunst, Leipzig

Le sort probable de l’homme qui avait avalé le fantôme, Centre Pompidou/La Conciergerie, Paris
Continuity, Gimpel Fils, London
Anamnesis and Extrapolation, pkm gallery Beijing, Beijing
Alternative States, Gimpel Fils, London
Exposition Fleuves, CNEAI, Chatou

Focus: The Figure, Denver Art Museum
Micro Narratives, Musée d’Art Moderne de Saint Etienne, Saint Etienne
Crazy Damn Right I’m Crazy, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull

Elastic Taboos, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna
Arte e omosessualita, Palazzina Reale, Florence
New Works, v22 Ashwin Street, London

60th Anniversary Exhibition, Gimpel Fils, London
Material World, Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow
Sixty Years of Sculpture in the Arts Council Collection, Longside Gallery, Wakefield

Pour de Vrai, Musée des Beaux Arts, Nancy
The Future Lasts a Long Time, Le Consortium, Dijon

Kingdom, Market Gallery, Glasgow
Nachtelijke Uitspattingen/Nocturnal Emissions, Groninger Museum, Groningen
Suejin Chung, Meena Park, Steven Gontarski, Kukje Gallery, Seoul
The Future Lasts a Long Time, TalEsther Gallery, Tel Aviv

Roll Out, Karyn Lovegrove Gallery, Los Angeles
Game Over, Grimm/Rosenfield, Munich
Pretty Little Things, The Ship, London
Steven Gontarski, Marc Quinn and Thomas Rentmeister, Dornbracht/Statements 7, Venice
Coollustre, Collection Lambert en Avignon
Guided by Heroes, Z33, Hasselt, Belgium

Electric Dreams, The Curve / Barbican Art Gallery, London
Transformer II, Air de Paris, Paris
Jam: Tokyo-London, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo
Cascade Proposals, CBK, Groningen

We Set Off In High Spirits, Matthew Marks Gallery, New York
Brown, The Approach, London
Jam: Tokyo-London, Barbican Gallery, London
Freestyle. Werke Aus der Sammlung Boros, Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen
Mind the Gap, Wetterling Gallery, Stockholm
Friends of Mine, Gallery Muu, Helsinki

Conversation, Milton Keynes Gallery, Milton Keynes
Hard Candy Berlin, Galerie Wieland, Berlin
Hard Candy, 42 Westbourne Gardens, London
Heart + Soul, Sandroni Rey, Venice, California
Drawings, Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv
Drawing Exhibition, Taché-Lévy Gallery, Brussels
A very nice film club, Vilma Gold Gallery, London

Neurotic Realism Part I, Saatchi Gallery, London
Din, 4x4 Gallery, Amsterdam
Heart + Soul, 60 Long Lane, London

Die Young Stay Pretty, Institute of Contemporary Art, London
Cloth Bound, Laure Genillard Gallery, London

Humdrum, The Trade Apartment, London

Sweat, Exit Art/The First World, New York

Imaginary Beings, Exit Art/The First World, New York