The canvas entitled The Temptation Of The State Of The
Blessed Ones In “Archland” by Jonathan Meese is a large-scale
triptych showing a crucifixion in its centre. The subject
seems to be close to an apocalyptic scenario. Torn up and
skinned bodies, sucking, parasitical creatures, violence
and sexuality dominate the scene. This world is a slaughterhouse,
a place of horror, cruelty and power. Only the strongest
seem to survive in this horror vacui of chaos and
although the rules are disgracefully destroyed there is
a well organized form in this labyrinth of fabulous creatures
and ghosts. They follow a certain kind of order, create
their own state with strictly divided functions.
Meese names the main creature which is nailed to the cross
as god of his own state. This creature, partly abstract
and partly carnal, is the energetic centre of the painting,
the nutrient of this state. All figures are related to this
centre, subtly involved with it, all is circling around
this wounded and continuously pulsating core of this apparatus,
the source of not only food for the mind.
The cross being the place of this creature grows out of
a trunk, a veined tree of life. The background shows a line
of pinnacles, the cross is put in a defended castle as the
centre of power. The power of this castle is protected by
different creatures, guards, knights, which power and strength
is fed by female sexuality. From this centre spreads out
a multiracial state of mystical creatures, bend together
by a spiritual order.

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