Paper view, The Independent

Saatchi gallery hosts display of dictators in their youth, The Guardian

The permutations of paper, Design Week

Young artists swap shock factor for old-fashioned paper as it becomes more precious in a digital age, Telegraph

Paper, The Independent

Paper at the Saatchi Gallery, Inside LDN

PAPER: Materiality to Meaning, Berlin Art Link

Paper at the Saatchi Gallery, Frame Web

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Saatchi Gallery pushes paper art to prominence, University of the arts, London

Paper at the Saatchi Gallery, The Times

Paper at Saatchi Gallery, Schon Magazine

Saatchi On Paper, Huffington Post

Artistas puertorriqueños por primera vez en Museo Charles Saatchi de Londres, Noticel

Бумажные ипостаси в лондонской галерее "Саатчи", BBC, Russia

Paper at the Saatchi Gallery in London includes two Puerto Rican artists, Uprising Art

Paper. Saatchi Gallery - London, Positive Magazine

Odires Mlászho expõe retratos na Saatchi Gallery, em Londres, Globo

El papel como una de las bellas artes, El Pais

Paper: Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery challenges our received ideas and expectations about paper, Art Daily

Paper, Saatchi Gallery, The Pages

Saatchi Gallery: Paper, Idol Mag

Saatchi Gallery, protagonista la 'carta' nell'ultima mostra Paper, Il Sole 24 Ore

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Annie Kevans paintings of dictators as young boys at The Saatchi Gallery, The Coolture

What can we learn from the face of a dictator as a child?, The Globe And Mail

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New Exhibition Shows The World Manifested Through Paper, Londonist

All the world's a page, Monocle

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'Paper' at The Saatchi Gallery, Fire Trench

Young Dictator Portraits: Annie Kevans' Paintings Of Hitler, Mao And Mussolini, Huffington Post

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Paper unfolds beautifully at the Saatchi Gallery, One Stop Arts

Paper at Saatchi Gallery, London, Aesthetica Magazine

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An exhibition on 'Paper' at the Saatchi Gallery, London, London Art Reviews

The return of paper at the Saatchi Gallery, Cassone Art

An exhibition : 'Paper' at the Saatchi Gallery, London, The Daily Smudge

Papel, cómo te amo, Elfaro Digital

La carta come mezzo espressivo alla Saatchi Gallery di Londra, Artincontro


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