Butterfly Effect: New Works by Lily Mixe

  • Butterfly Effect at Saatchi Gallery showcases new works by Margate-based French artist Lily Mixe.
  • Inspired by the wonders of nature, Mixe utilises a wealth of found materials to celebrate life in all its forms.
  • This solo exhibition takes place in one of the major exhibition spaces at the Gallery and will include a specially commissioned 15 metre mural of a whale created using paint, incorporating chalk salvaged from cliff falls on the Kent coast.

  • London, UK – On 3 November Saatchi Gallery will open Butterfly Effect in Gallery 15 at Saatchi Gallery, London. The exhibition showcases new works by Lily Mixe, an artist who moved from her native Paris to London and then to Margate on the Kent coast where she now lives and works.

    The works featured in Butterfly Effect continue the artists on-going exploration of forms in nature and the inter-connectedness of species on planet Earth. Mixe is inspired by the wonders of nature – including the elegance & intricacy of anatomies; the development of survival techniques, such as camouflage, that also manifest themselves in aesthetically beautiful manners; and the evolution of species to cope with the challenges facing them. Of course, humankind presents the greatest challenge to nature and the future of species worldwide. There is an underlying concern about the future conveyed by the works and a call to action that is becoming more and more urgent.

    Butterfly Effect includes series of works created on found materials such as vintage bottles and furniture panels. The distressed beauty of manufactured but obsolete objects is harnessed and juxtaposed with the depiction of sublime fauna. The exhibition will include a specially commissioned mural that the artist will create on-site. The artist plans to paint a 15 metre wall on the longest wall in the Gallery space using paint that incorporates found materials such as chalk from cliff falls along the Kent coast. The mural will be first seen from above and then, as the visitor descends to within the space, from below.

    Butterfly Effect offers hope for the future and reminds us of the glory of nature.



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    Press preview:Wednesday, 2 November

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    Lily Mixe is a graphic artist from Paris who moved to London and then to Margate on the Kent coast where she now lives and works. Lily creates artworks on paper, canvas, found objects and the surface of walls in the street.


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