MOP CAP 2017

Shirin Mohammad

25 - 29 September 2019

Exhibition Closed



25 - 29 September 2019

For her first solo exhibition in the UK, Mohammad presents a multi-media installation that immerses the viewer into a factory town that she investigated while researching areas of exile in Iran. This display was a preface to a research on the history of internal exile in Iran; a former Asbestos Industrial Complex was taken as a model of a city of exile. Different parts of the complex included accommodation for the workers and their families, accommodation for the managers, engineers and their families, a mosque, the main factory building and the asbestos mine at the foot of the mountain. It is located in a desert climate exposed to the Wind of 120 Days; today all factory grounds are deserted.

About Shirin Mohammad (Born in 1992)

Shirin Mohammad was born in Tehran, Iran. Her practice develops in various mediums such as video and sound to sculpture, multimedia installation and short film. Through her work she scrutinizes the remains of lost, ignored, abandoned, and sometimes re-remembered archival materials which deal with the history of Iran; she draws attention to the way that history can be manipulated by adding a layer of documentary intervention to her overarching fictional conceit.

The Magic of Persia Contemporary Art Prize (MOP CAP) is a global search for the next generation of contemporary Iranian visual artists. The central goal of the prize is to provide an opportunity for gifted artists to gain international exposure, and through doing this, make a notable contribution to the long-term advancement of Iranian arts and culture worldwide. Judges of the 2017 prize included: Hans- Ulrich Obrist (director of Serpentine Galleries),Aaron Cezar (director of Delfina Foundation), Ebi Melamed (collector), Fereydoon Ave (artist and curator), Vassif Kortun (curator) and Maaike Schoorel (artist). Selection committee included:Negar Azimi (writer and the senior editor of Bidoun), Sohrab Kashani (artist and Curator) and Tirdad Zolghadr (curator, writer and founding member of Shahrzad Design Collective).

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