Antisocial Isolation

Delphian Gallery

19 May - 20 June 2021


Free Entry (pre-booking required)
Located at the Ground Floor

Exhibition Closed


Antisocial Isolation is a group exhibition featuring artworks by some of the most exciting emerging artists of today. Curated by Delphian Gallery founders Benjamin Murphy and Nick JS Thompson, the works in the exhibition deliberate on the future and respond to the current Covid-19 pandemic, offering unique perspectives and fresh contexts to aid an understanding of our surroundings.

About Benjamin Murphy (b. 1988)

Hailing from West Yorkshire, artist and writer Benjamin Murphy now lives and works in London. His artworks often depict themes inspired by classical literature and poetry to initiate non-linear perspectives of storytelling. His current work utilises charcoal to explore themes of chaos, fragility, and memory.

Alongside being an artist, Murphy also lectures at the University of the Arts London and writes on contemporary art for a number of publications.

About Nick JS Thompson (b.1988)

Born in 1988, Thompson spent his formative years documenting BMX and its associated subcultures, before widening his field of vision to explore and document communities, and the marks that they leave upon the spaces they inhabit.

There is a stillness to much of Thompson's imagery, that draws our gaze to the often overlooked beauty in quotidian space. Social commentary is a consistent presence in his images, but didacticism gives way to subtlety and nuance. The viewer is confronted with reality, and is given the space to interpret this for themselves.

About Delphian Gallery

Delphian Gallery was launched in 2017 by artists Benjamin Murphy and Nick JS Thompson. Primarily London based, they aim to discover and then present the most captivating and challenging work by early-career contemporary artists.

Since their genesis, Benjamin and Nick have curated exhibitions in multiple countries, launched a popular arts podcast, and recently published their first book Navigating the Art World: Professional Practice for the Early Career Artist.

Rhiannon Salisbury, Little Miss Pinky, 2019. Image courtesy of Delphian Gallery

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The Gallery is currently CLOSED from 30 April - 9 June inclusive.

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