Yours To Make:
Fluid Imaginarium

Presented by Instagram

4-9 November 2021

Admission: Free entry, no pre-booking required

Location: Gallery 3, Ground Floor


On 4 November, in collaboration with HERVISIONS and 50 of the UK’s most exciting creators, Instagram will unveil a first of its kind digital celebration of British youth culture at London’s Saatchi Gallery. It will bring to life the cultural diversity and lived-experience of British Gen Z today, as expressed on Instagram Reels.

The motion art installation, called 'Yours to Make: Fluid Imaginarium', has been produced using gaming technology and is an experimental artwork reflecting the fluidity of British youth. The viewer is taken through various immersive dimensions that follow the different guises of youth self-expression.

The 50 creators including @elliejg16_zebedeemodel - the first model with Down's Syndrome to work for a major fashion house, beauty creator @pradaolic, Drag Race UK star and drag artist @krystalversace, comedian @akafiali and author and broadcaster @Jamie_Windust worked with HERVISIONS to create the artwork by sharing how they explore their identity.

Zaiba Jabbar, founder of HERVISIONS, says:
"More than any generation before, British Generation Z have unlimited access to information. This has created a constant state of open-mindedness and change. They are fluid; in a state of creative self-evolution and always connected with the world."

My work with Instagram celebrates this exciting approach to self-exploration, specifically the way in which Gen Z use the platform to create communities and explore who they can be. Myself and the HERVISIONS team have been inspired by the Instagram Reels that create the foundations of the artwork; the breadth of creativity and methods of which it’s expressed."

About the Artist

Zaiba Jabbar is an award-winning director, commissioner, mentor, independent curator and moving image artist. She is the founder of HERVISIONS, an antidisciplinary agency and platform celebrating the intersection of art, technology and culture. HERVISIONS is an investigation into how people in the margins are using technology to create art outside of traditional formats, making space for themselves through the experience of expanded moving images. She is a leader in augmented reality and digital art, exhibiting both online and offline.


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