23 June - 17 July 2021


Admission: Free, Pre-booking required
Located on the Ground Floor

Exhibition Closed


Dominic Beattie, Will Cruickshank, Alice Wilson, Laura White, Neil Zakiewicz

Mass refers to the physicality and largeness of things or a clustering of materials. Buildings are considered to have mass in the cityscape and mass products pump from factories to the population masses. The five artists in this exhibition enjoy the mass of materials, to produce urban and modern art forms.

In the religious sense of the word, a Mass is the transformation of worldly matter into the divine. Taking ordinary materials, such as builders merchant's timber, MDF, aerosol paint, rubber, and through a reconfiguration, the artists aspire beyond ordinary standards of scale, towards the cosmic realm. Sculptures that reach for the sky and paintings allude to heavenly bodies and stained glass windows.



The Gallery is currently CLOSED from 30 April - 9 June inclusive.

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